Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Tick is Clocking

I know normal people would say, "The clock is ticking." But normal people wouldn't find a tick burrowing into their leg because they spent all night running in the woods as a birhtday present given to one's self. Here's the convoluted recap.

Sunday night.. the birthday week continues...
Who would go out and run 48 miles in the woods starting at 10 pm on the Sunday before Labor Day. .... No one.... except those of us that did.

I had to go, it was my birthday and somewhere along the way it became mandatory for me to run a mile for every year on the 3rd Rock from the Sun.... So, I had to go but Allen and Jessica, you two are crazy!! Let's see you, guys are young, you had the next day off, you are together, and you spent a couple of hours running with me. Nuts, pure nuts.

David House, shame on you, you're a newlywed. You ran all 48. Crazy, insane.

Lisa, by far the best looking of the 40+ mile crew. It was great having you out, but you are .... Shoot, you're young and single, shouldn't you have been out at a club instead of hanging out all night with us oldtimers? Whacky, inane, weird.

My man A2. I love ya, but there's something really not right with a dude that is recently engaged cutting short a naturalist day at the pool to get slathered in Bug Juice and eat PB & J's in the woods with an old guy.

Come to think of it... Dan you're not that smart either. 5 AM. 20 miles?

One question...... Don't you people have homes?

Well, that's you whacky guys, I can't think of a better way (out of options I actually had) to spend the Sunday after my 48th birthday than running 48 miles with yall!

ps, Jon, Andrea, Davo and Ilene are a little smarter, they slept in, didn't run as far and finished just as the coals got hot for the BBQ. Speaking of BBQ's there is no nap like the nap you take after running 10 PM - 9 AM, drinking 3 beers, eating too much food, hanging in the sun and then catching a ride home with your DD buddy! Now, can I tell you the nap was good, it was worth the run just to take the nap!!!