Friday, January 7, 2011

2011; Up and Running!

Well, it is another year... Ok, it's going to be good. It has started well. Not the way I would have planned it, were I the great planner in the sky, but it's going well.

6 full days alcohol free. 5 full pounds down. What? In a week. Well, I've run everyday too, and either far or fast (oh thanks so much Davo, Jon, and Sally, listen, I'm old, quite running me so fast!) everyday. This won't last, I know that. For instance, after 80 miles in 7 days, I'm not going to run today.

Last night's run reminded me of the old days. I ran 13 miles solo while Ali was at dance. I ran on the roads, and I ran what is now fast for me. 13 miles in 2 hours. That's not only a fast training run for me now, it's not a bad race time. I don't expect to run Sunday's River, Roots, and Ruts trail 1/2 that fast. Of course it's an off road course, but still. Even better than the speed (it has to be a nasty side effect of being one week alcohol free. How do you tea toddlers do it? When you wake up is that the best you feel all day?) was the way I felt. I felt solid. I felt like I could have sustained that effort for a marathon. The last time I felt that good on a road run was Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, in 2000; the only time I qualified for Boston.

So, running is going well. Personal life, gee, I'm working on accepting the reality, not my wishes. As my friend Sally said on Wednesday's speed workout, "Maybe it's time to modify your expectations." Yes, I guess it is. But that acceptance is coming slowly, it does feel like it's coming, but patience has never been my strong suit (loud irrational acts that get me in trouble are my strong suit!)

Anyway Happy New Year! I'll see you at the Zoom! (BTW, so far my favorite song sent in is by Judy Rowland. Inspiring! Can you trump her selection?)