Friday, February 29, 2008

Chill before you Chill Again

One of my European History Students is celebrating his 4th birthday today. Happy Birthday Matt, later we'll watch Barney.

What? How? 4-years-old? Yeah, he was born on Feb. 29, and we only have those once every four years. We get so excited on those years, we elect presidents and have Olympics. It's cool.

And me? I run Grand Slams, I remember it was a big deal to me that this is a leap year because I figured that I'd need the extra day for training. Well, I think I'll use that extra day for resting! I need to do more of that, but not too much.

So, here I go, it's February 29, and I'm resting......

Just Don't Do It! Song of the Week #6

You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape, You Don't Spit into the wind, You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM! Song of the Week #6.

Eric Stoltz and John Travolta, as Lance and Vince respectively in Pulp Fiction, would add that you don't mess with another man's ride. But let's stick with 1970's Icon Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around with Jim!"

No, I am not Jim, you can mess with me.

The guy that said this, is Jim: "For the rest of my life, when I find myself in a difficult position, I will look back on that week and know that I'm stronger, capable of doing much more than I think, and to never ever quit."

-Jim Bodah

If anyone asked me about my running heroes, Jim Bodah is at the top of my list. The quote above was actually from Jim's trip to a Navy Seals Camp (this guy's tough as rawhide and that's a fact!) but it fits so many things that Jim does. Jim is a multiple times finisher of Badwater. When I get tired on a run, when I want to quit, I think of Jim running 135 Miles in the California Desert in July. Temperatures top 125 degrees and Jim is still going. When I'm up in Croom and it's 90, I keep going. When I'm doing a small hill, I think of Jim going up Mt. Whitney, and I keep going.

Jim is no one trick pony either. He's done Western States, he's climbed mountains, he's traversed canyons worldwide, he sent me 526 songs for my slam, and I know that when he puts his mind to it, he will "never ever quit."

Pretty good role model, don't you think?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Little Project

This Track and Field team of mine, this little Project... it's killing me, ArG! But I am starting to like it. Two more months, two more months, two more months. She-it, I can stand on my head for two more months.

And the progress, Let me tell you about progress:

Last night:
One guy, came in dead last in the mile, BUT he had never been under 7 minutes before- 6:29! That's right, Personal Best by 34 seconds, I am so proud of him.

Another guy, came in second to last, BUT he had never been under 6 minutes before, 5:55 baby! He did not believe me when I told him his time.

One of the girls, came in a way distant fourth. Never been under 7 minutes before, 6:54!

Oh, yeah, and one our ladies won the mile, 5:50!

All of these fine student athletes are also on my cross country team. Well, shoot, they are learning something, and I'm am tickled pink with their progress energy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Darn it, I'm Starting to Like this Guy

Ok, yesterday, I was all out of sorts, I found out this cat from Temple Terrace, a 23-year-old former USF Cross Country runner, Ryan Thomas, Thomas Ryan, I'm not sure, but he has two first names, Anyway RT/TR, I found out that he is running Western States, and I was a little hacked. I was hacked because I don't remember him getting in via the lottery.

So, I started thinking that he must have gotten in via special exception. They do that for really good runners. So, I looked up his running results, and there is nothing special there, at least not for long distance. Yes he was third Floridian at the Hops Marathon this year, but his time, while good wasn't special, 2:41. Shoot, Jon Docs could run that in a good year. I knew he ran Vermont Last year, but again, his time was good, at 21:04, but not special, heck I've run faster, and finished higher up the ladder, and the only special exception I ever got was.... none. But as I looked at Ryan's results, I noticed that he finished in the exact same time as Bill Thomas, age 50 - 59. I don't know, but I bet Ryan ran the whole way with his dad or uncle. That's special. Go Ryan, whether you got in via lottery or special exception, you Rock!

So, I can be the second person from Florida this year at Western States, works for me!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doctor, Doctor Gimme a Cure!

I am not saying Runners, Vegitarians, Non-Smokers, moderate drinkers, and those who get to bed early are healthier people, but today is my first sick day this school year.

Last year, I sick day.
2005, 1 sick day (and it was a great day :)
2001 - 2004, zero sick days.

Of course, Mags and Obizzle don't tell anyone, I'm still about to slip out for a run.

I'll let you know if the run makes me feel any better.

Monday, February 25, 2008

199 and Counting

Hey Groovy Guys and Groovy Gals,
Remember? It was 100 days ago when I did my 299 post. Well, now it's time for the 199 post.

Ok, I've been really good about, let's see, running. I've done just about as many miles as I've wanted to, and when my body said, "Back Off" Jack, I've done so.

I was doing really well at going to the gym, but I haven't been in three weeks (bad boy, bad, bad, boy!)

No walky/runny to school :-( This is just adjustment not laziness, because 1- I still have Harley, and he needs to go out before I get home. 2- I am coaching track, which while fun- I wasn't planning on doing. 3- I've been taking Ali to afterschool activities almost everyday, it's travel season for her mommy.

Back on the plus side, my diet has been very good! I haven't touched meat or fried foods (hey, we're not counting 1st Watch taters as fried food are we?) since May. (Well cept for a burger after Kettle in June and one after Vermont in July.) Can I tell you? this has been easy. I believe I'll keep this lifestyle even after the Grand Slam (if you just thought of Denny's we need to work on your diet next!)

So, for the next 199 days, what do I need to do campers?

Don't worry about running to work, not going to happen!
Go to the gym, it's gotta happen!
Remember to take a little time off, no bragging, it's just the way it is, I'm in 100 mile shape right now, and I'm itching to race, but that would be stupid. Now is time to strenghten. Also, it might be fun to go on date and stay up past 8:30 PM!
Most importantly, remember my resolution to be top pop (Chase helped me with the verbage!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Frank and Andy, Athletes of the Week

We all did dandy at Croom yesterday. And I loved running in the rain (course now I have two songs I can't get out of my head (the first is only because of the phrase and thought, getting caught in the rain):

The second song well, I just love the rain so much and running in it here you are:

Now, I don't like the rain enough to leave my sun-roof open while it's raining (Becky, it's not called a rain roof!), but if it's raining I'm running.

Yesterday, I overslept, me! For a run! me! Yes, it says something about me that running 35 miles in the woods is the highlight of my week (the additional slumber meant I was only able to run 30 and not the planned 35 miles.) No, not everything it says is good. Yes, I understand this. No, I am not planning on fixing it for 200 more days. But, darn now you can count on 1-finger the number of times I've overslept for a Saturday run. Anyway, because of this, I am not eligible for the Athlete of the week award. But the following two athletes stand out as the intheslam Athletes of the week:

Dr. Frank Sierra, pictured below before we cheered him up (he was feeling down in the mouth! hehe):

And Andy Barrett. No picture available.

These two cats completed the 35 miles in the rain. There were a passal of us there, everyone else bagged out between miles 20 - 30. I'm especially proud of Frank, because I promised I'd run with him, and getting there late, I was all discombobulated, and ran really fast for 30 miles thinking I could tack on 5 at the end, but I was still running late to pick up Ali... Anyway, Frank ran all 35 virtually alone, but that will help him. He'll be tough, he'll finish any event he puts his mind to, he, and Andy, are the InTheSlam, Athlete's of the Week!

The Postscript: Turns out our InTheSlam Athlete of the Week, Dr. Frank Sierra wasn't done with Croom after running 35-Miles. Yeah, he locked his keys in the car, oh, call triple A, no problem, I'll just use my cell phone, which is right here in the .... Woody! Dan! anyone, someone. It's a good thing Dan and Woody like to have a little beerflavoredwater after they run and were there for Dr. Frank! I'm sure AAA is reall quick getting to Croom Forest, on a Saturday, in the rain! Hey, at least you won the AOW! from me! That's something!

The Kodak Moment!

The following Picture was taken with the self timer using the two-flush, er two-flash option. The picture is unedited, sometimes the words just get in the way (course sometimes they get us out of a mess, eh comrade, eh?)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Old Dan Tucker, Song of the Week #5

Old Dan Tucker, Song of the Week #5

So, what do you reckon happened to Old Dan Tucker? After all he was too late to get his supper. It was some good eatin’ too yall. Black eyed peas, with those little bits of ham in them, yum-yum. Cornbread good enough to make you want to slap your granny. And the gravy, oh, my, my!

Well, I have a theory on what happened to Old Dan, hence Song of the Week #5, Pete Seger’s, Old Dan Tucker (get the one done by Bruce on Seager Sessions, it’s boss!)


I think Dan had consumed one of those good country dinners the night before his 4 AM run (or it could have been two burritos, chalk full of refried beans, rice and homemade guacamole, but I’m just taking a W.A.G; wild @ss guess, here.) Dan had a plan. He wanted to run 15 miles at 4 AM. The first 3 most likely uneventful, butt it’s my best guess that around mile 4 things started brewing. I think by mile 5 it was a walk run. By mile 6 he was probably desperately searching for a port-a-potty. By 7 he was checking the neighborhood yards for a newspaper and a nice set of hedges. At 8 it was too late. Old Dan could no longer hold things off, the green-apple-two-step had hung him up and within ½ mile of my, er his, I mean within ½ mile of his house, Dan was carrying a load. Who’d want to have supper with him?

Er, I’m eating alone tonight.

You can either give me a theory on Dan’s tardiness or suggest an alternate song, take your time, I’m gonna be awhile!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Defense of the Dark Arts, Updated

We may not always like those that do the work that has to be done, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t valuable

Take this guy above. We spent the better part of 7 books disliking him, and one full book hating him. Now, at the end of it all, Severus is the most popular name for newborns in all of the United Kingdom (I made that up.)

Why did I Pyle my mug on Snape? Because of a recent conversation I had with a couple of my running buds. Seems that a certain awesome ultra runner in Colorado hadn’t really understood some of my running exploits in mis-telling a story to an old novia of mine.

Yes, it’s true. On not one or two, but three occasions I’ve had to school other ultra runners on etiquette during ultra events. Sometimes school turns ugly, many times the teacher is blamed for this. However, in each of these instances, the dudes needed and received the lesson.

Reminds me of a long lost Gomer Pyle episode:
In this episode, Gome took down some thick thug that was too big for his britches. In this case with a Pugil stick. Then Gomer goes on to get the bum’s rush from a little feller in the same type of contest.

When Sg. Vince Carter asked Pvt. Pyle. “How could you whip that big guy and let the small guy take it to you?”
Pyle Responds, “Well golly Sarge, the way I figure it, the big fella needed a lesson, and the little fella didn’t.”

Words to live by peeps, words to live by.

Now, I told that consdescending piece of crap Colorado Ultra Runner (not Chase) in Arkansas that I thought he must be from the moon, because he was an A-Hole! He stated as fact, “there’s no such thing as global warming.” Oh, sorry God, didn’t realize you knew more than ¾’s of the world scientist, and more than the leaders of the 175 countries to sign Kyoto. Further, he went on to call Al Gore comical and dangerous. Yeah, Al Gore went on to when the Nobel Piece Prize within days of that exchange, and that Colorado ultra-runner, I don’t even remember his name (but I know the d*ckhead didn’t finish Arkansas.) Big fella needed a lesson. Now, Chase (this was before he saw the light) was sticking up for this tool, and being all like, well a wussy. Hey, the big fella needed a lesson, and I’m a teacher. Also, Bill Mathews taught his boys to stick up for themselves, it isn’t always pretty, but you gotta stick up, you can’t always walk away.

Yes, I told the Texan at Sunmart that if I didn’t think he was kidding I would throw him off of the boardwalk and stomp a mudpuddle in his @ss. Jerk needed a lesson. Wasn’t going to let me pass because he was talking to some chippy that wasn’t going to remember his name one nanosecond after he force fed it to her.
Tex, “Oh, big man wants to pass, there’s only 48 miles to go, and he wants to pass now.”
Me, “I know you’re kidding, if I didn’t think you were, I’d have to throw you off of this boardwalk and pound you.”
Big fella needed a lesson. If Standing up for myself makes me a jerk, well color me guilty. I’d have torn into that feller like a windmill in a hurricane (course it might have cost me 11 seconds, and that dude woulda had a DNF instead of just finishing 3 hours behind me)

Ok, so he was 10, obviously his coodling parents weren’t going to give him the lesson, it was up to me.
100 yards from the top on Devil’s Thumb; me, “Am I almost to the aid station?”
10-year old volunteer, “Yeah it’s just up the hill, if it’s even still open, you’re so slow everyone else has already been through!”
Er, what I said next isn’t pretty, but it was a lesson that this twerp's parents should have delivered a long time before, but they were too busy apologizing for their son to know that they should have been schooling him. Thank God I was there to fix that kid. Here it is: Me: "Go F’ yourself, you F’ing little twerp!” Big Fella, er, little Fella needed a lesson!

Anyway, there you have it. No, I’m not always a nice guy, no I don’t always say or do the right thing. But if you worried that I wasn’t going to stand up for myself or for Al Gore, worry no more! And if you can’t appreciate it, here’s your lesson: Drop and give me 20!

School’s Out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey, It Happens!

One of my favorite parts of Forest Gump, he's running. Oh, you thought that there was more to the story?

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Power of 50, no 25, no 10, no One!

While running at the lovely Citrus Tract on Saturday we discovered a few little tidbits about our buddy Jim Sullivan:

* He's a really good runner. * He's run a lot of races. * He's run a lot of races in a lot of places. * He's a great teacher. * He's not, nor has he ever been the model for the Lucky Charms box (so, he tells us, personally, I think that's where he gets his magic, here, you decide)

Ok, how do I know these things? Well, when pressed Jim will share. Don't get me wrong, he's not one of these cats that brags nor does he only pretend to listen, just to wait to talk. But if you ask him he will answer, without bravado, or false modesty. He's a good dude, a real ultra runner. Cat's gotta be doing something right, he's been married for decades than I've been walking this 3rd rock from the Sun, and he aint much to look at (I'm sorry, that's not right, let me fix it, He aint much at which to look! Kidding Jim, you're beautiful babe)

What did gentleman Jim share with us?

He's competed in about 18 100 milers. He gave us all valuable tips on running and walking. He finished Western States last year when most of the rest of us Florida folks were dying on the vine. And get this:

He has done more than 150 Ultras and he was the first to certify doing an ultra race in each of our 50 states + the District of Columbia. Have I done a 150 anything? Probably had 150 pizzas. I know I've had 150 brewdoggies. But 150 races 31 miles or longer?.... Er, no! Hey Jim, I don't even like to drive that far! You ever heard that Jim? Probably not.

Most of you know that there are a couple of Marathon Clubs that will certify you for doing a marathon in every state, it's kind of cool. But Jim took that farther, Marathon? Not me, an Ultra in every state! When he did this, not all states had ultras, so he had to invent one in North Dakota and one in South Dakota. There are rules (I reckon he made up the rules since he was the first to certify his accomplishment) to doing this. The two he created, they had to be real races of longer than marathon length. They had to be open to the public. He had to publish the results. Jim did all these, oh, and the two races, he did them on consecutive days! Hey Jim, I don't even like to drive that far! (Shoot, I was just patting my own back for running 55 miles in two days, Jim went longer, in worser weather, and he well, he rocks!

Now, on the flip side of Jim, Scott Boe and I were talking about all of these clubs, and how you can get one to fit you and not have to work so hard. To avid Marathoners, the 50 marathons in 50 states is something most of us think about. I keep track (sort of) which states I have run a marathon in, and it does affect my scheduling a little bit. For me 50 marathons in 50 states is a lifetime goal. Some attack it like a pitbull on a porkchop. Dean Karno did his 50 marathos in 50 states in 50 days. He was the second to do that, but I don't remember the dude that thought of it and did it first, 'cause let's face it, he's not Dean. Even when Dean Copies you he steals your thunder (hey Dean, don't write another book, doooon't) Some people try to wipe out these 50 states in just a few years. Me, I'm strolling through it, but someday, I hope to do it.

Now, they've got these cheesey rules and exceptions. Get this, you can "join" after only 10 states. You can get your 50 states T-shirt after 25 states. What kind of crap is that? Can I get my Grand Slam Eagle after the second race in Vermont? Ship it on man, ship it on!

Still that's not as bad as this slacker club that has emerged. My friend, Imadeh Isnameup, has joined the 25 1/2 marathons in 25 states club. Good for Imadeh, already got 10 States, almost 1/2 way there! WTF? Hey, 1/2 marathon is a great and worthy goal. And I'm even down with a 1/2 marathon in 50 States, but 1/2 in 1/2 the states, er, who cares? Why not 10K in 10 States? Why not 5K in 5 states?

Or, Scott and I started this club, and you can join, just send $80 to me, and I'll get your club shirt and certificate right out. And you can sign up after only completing 1/2 (but send your money to me, not to Scott, he'd just waste it on his family, while I'll take good care of it 90% on Wine, Women, and Song, yes, I'll probably waste the other 10%). Here it is:

One Mile, One State, One Day!

You can do it! Now send me your $80!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Need 9,000 Words out of You!


4. Neg Cog
4.1 No Pets
4.2 Please pick pony poopies

9. #9 removed due to obscene content (it was a picture of Woody and Scott :)

Match the quote with the picture. No better yet. Make up your own caption and put it in the comments.
Yeah. The only captions I'll offer are for pictures 4.1 and 4.2 (they were on the same sign):
What is this Narnia? We aren't allowed to have pets, yet you tell us to clean up after our horses! What are these "Free" horses? If they are then they can clean up after themselves!
Hay (is for horses) signmaker, Drop and give me 20!
Have fun!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

And Tomorrow, I'll Add Pictures!

What a great time today!

40 Miles at the Cirtus Tract with Woody, Scott, Jim, and no-longer a virgin June!

It was a beautiful day, if not a little hot. The course was cool, one loop 40 miles, all off-road. The course was remarkably like Croom with a few rocks.

We swapped stories we ran, we ate, we drank, we made Julian fries.

June was the story of the day. Never having done more than 30 miles, she hung for the entire 40 and with relative ease.

I'll expand tomorrow, but for now, it's 8:32 PM, bed is calling me.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Song of the Week #4

Marshall, Marshall honey, you know, it's not good to be too anything.

That's what Miss Anna Black (she had children and she had grandchildren, but in Spartenburg, S.C. and the rest of the South, when you get old enough, you get your Miss back) said to Marshall Chapman on what it is to be a lady.

Well, I don't want to be a lady, but the above is a story from the song, Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy, on a Marshall Chapman albumn done at the lady's state prison in Memphis, TN. And I'm sure Miss Chapman (no she's not that old), I'm sure Marshall, will be happy to know that it's my song of the week.
The song talks about just being too darn busy. This is the LAST TIME (until the next time) that I will whine about it. But geez, I've got a large stack of papers to grade, writing and running to do, I should coach some track, I'm running 40 miles tomorrow, I'd love to sleep for hours and hours, I haven't giving Ali her Valentines yet, WWWaaaaaaaa, Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy, All the time.
Yeah, last Saturday was sweet. You can find the lyrics here:

And this is a true story, Rebex and I are prolly the only two folks in these parts that have Busy on our MP3's and 1/2 the time we are too busy to listen to this particular song.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

King of... Prince of.... JBOD of the Hill!

I thought I was this guy:Turns out I was wrong!

I've been doing my little Hill Kings. The other day I made my Track Team run up and over that bridge 6 times. It was a three mile workout, not that long, but you must keep in mind the longest race in High School track is 2 miles, and none of it on bridges. Anyway, the MLK bridge was easy on Monday. So, I'm thinking I need something that's more of a challenge.

Well, the most hillyous (it's a real word) portion of central Florida is just up the road a piece in San Antonio. Tri-Geeks love to bike there, road runners love to run there (I did it for a few years, and that's when I qualified for the Bostonian), so I'm thinking, I've got to get up there and do some taining. Well it just so happens that a former student of mine plays basketball at St. Leo, right in the heart of "hill country" and he is the brother of a current student at TC (who happens to be in my top two favorite students ever!) See, the wheels turning.

St. Leo had a game last night, I went and sat with the Kaiser family (they paid for my ticket, I really like the Kaiser family!) as we watched Thomas seal the game for St. Leo against the SSC division leading Tampa Spartans. Way to go Thomas! He's #25, back row center. Read more here:
Well, before the game I met up with Julie Wong at her estate just 5-10 minutes form St. Leo and I ran those big old hills, and I am not the king of the hill, as a matter of fact I had to walk the big hill two of the four times I ran it (granted once was for Julie's sake and once was for the dogs) still none of those four times was easy or fun like the MLK Bridge. That's ok, it was a great 10 mile hill workout, and those aren't supposed to be easy. Also, the MLK Bridge wasn't easy or fun a month ago, so if I can make it out to run those "Big" Hills a few times, pretty soon I will be this guy.......
But then I'll go to Western States, and those hills are called mountains, and I'll just be a regular Joe Bag of Doughnuts again. I'm ok with that!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I 8 Not Mad, So Vote Anonymously

Ok, I've been lucky as heck fire. My blog has been visited by my too kind friends. No one has hacked me off. Course it could happen. And it could happen that some jokester could giddy up on the old blog and hack one of you people off.

I could see SuperDave getting hacked off by some Gator Fan.
I couldn't see Chase getting torqued, unless I didn't plow his city.
Mags could get steamed if I go anti-Melting Pot on her (Ok, let me get this straight, you bring me raw food, I cook it, if I screw it up, it's still really expensive, can't I do that at home? These guys have to be the inventors of Badwater) so I won't.
Arlene, well, if I said her running outfit didn't match, I believe I'd have to go into hiding.
The Prof, nah, he aint getting mad, live and let live, that's him.
Lan, mess with the US (or don't pay your taxes) and she's on you like ugly on an ape!
Just me, Nothing makes her mad, nothing at all, nope, she's a saint!
Star, make her listen to James Taylor and she'll get wild as a windmill in a hurricane.
Kate, if those dudes can't do it, I can't do it (unless, except, her blood pressure may rise if, I diss the Talking Head, er I mean Talking Heads, excellent band, My House and all that.)
Rebex will get ornry if I don't listen to her reconfigure the modem to confabulate the TPS reports (WTF? Is this English? But what I say is: Oh, yeah, I'm listening, TPS you say, Now, what you oughtta do is get some Gause, and some rubbing alcohol, you strain it through the steel wool twice, oh wait, that' my Auburn Moon Shine Recipe)
And Lynne, I don't know yet, I hope I find out before I find out, knowhatimean?
And me, as long as you admit that global warming is bringing us down, that the SEC is better than the ACC, that runners are great and triathletes can shampoo my crotch, and that teachers are the most abused underist paid martyrs then I'll never tell you to, Drop and Give me 20!

Anywho, doo doo to some recent anti-My blog type comments, I'm wondering if I should let anonymous post. The idea behind letting them post is for people that are shy but with-it to be able to speak their piece in peace. Well, my folks haven't been bombarding the cyber waves, but some joker/jokers has. I'm fine with the dude, I am. And It's been minor.

But, what do yall think? I'm Jeffersonian here (early office, not late) I'm inclined to let a few dipschmidt comments go through to get one bud that wants to be anon. I've set up a poll, yall vote however, and we'll roll with it!

Love ya! Even my Anon buddies!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hey, I'm Not that Nice!

You know, I read the blog, Out in Left Field And I see a couple of complete jerks that post on there, and I am full of admiration for my buddy Chase's (a fine person) friend Kate. She doesn't let this/these jerks pull her in to debate.

I am not Kate! I don't like it when people speak badly of my friends or of nice people anywhere. Dear God, give me strength! Help me understand. The whole thing with wisdom, courage, patience, yadda, yadda!

Help me do as Chopper would, Harden the F' Up!

PS, thank you Barbara for helping me to HATE the term fag! I don't think I'll write it again!
Thank you Kate for being a role model for tolerating dumb-bunnies (sorry, it's a family-esque blog)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey Jabroni, Jog This!

What are those; joggers on your tie?
Did you go jogging today?
Hey, aren't you that jogger?

Jog this you tit-turd!
You see a jogger give him $5.

No sir, I am no jogger, I'm a runner. What's the diff? The late great famous author on running, Dr. George Sheehan said "The difference between a runner and a jogger is a race application." That's not a bad criterium for seperation (unlike the Men in Boys in Ancient Greece, they were separated differently), but I'd simply say the diff is commitment.

If it's a lifestyle- Runner (Every moring when I open the car door for Ali to take her to school, I say, aRe yoU iN, that spells run! Well, sometimes I just say Yen? That's Japanese money. I'm clever that way!)

If someone's making you do it- Jogger

If have a box of awards somewhere (my buddy Jon Docs was using a very nice running plaque to support the kickstand on his Vespa, yeah, it was 1st place in his age group, I had my third place from that same race hanging on my wall)- Runner

If you ask, How far was that marathon?- Er, not even a jogger

If you just won GRAND MASTERS in the Gasparilla Bud Lite Challenge (15K AND 5K on Saturday, Followed by the 1/2 marathon on Sunday)- Great Runner! Way to go Arlene!

If when you think of Boston, you only think of Red Sox, Clam Chowder and Independence- Jogger

If you don't have room in one drawer for all of your running shirts- yeah, runner
If you know you have no chance to win, but you start in the front- PITA Jogger

If Your view of a nice day, revolves around how the weather will effect your run- Runner

If you wear your race number on your back- Hey, you're getting there, you have a race number, but right now, er, Nerdy Jogger

If you want to be a runner, and you are doing something about it- Runner!

If you've ever said, "I don't even like to drive that far!"- er, jog this!

If know that your buddies, Chuck (3:52), Davo (3:30), and Jon (3:09) all qualified for Boston, and that Andrea, Arlene, and Abbi all had great races, but you know that you are forgetting about someone that you know that ran- Runner

If you have ever said to anyone, "Running is bad for your knees."- Jog this!

If you are offended when someone calls you a jogger- PITA Runner, but still yeah, a runner

Run a New Old Route Today!

Make sure your Running Stays fresh so you'll stick with it. That's all I'm saying. Running is like a dog's butt... and well, on with the story, this is it:

Harly and me. We've been jogging around the same 2 mile loop for months. He kind of likes it, knows the smells, knows where the cats hang out (he loves to do the mock dart at them, knowing I'm going to stop him before he can feel the cold claws slash his mug!) Now, me, I'm getting tired of the same old thing, it zaps my enthusiam to run in the 'hood.

This morn, I said, enough, I took Harley on his familiar turf, and then I ventured North, out of my neighborhood and across Sligh! I ran by the river, I ran over a bridge, I came back over the other side. It was nice, it was fun, it was different.

I'm getting out of my rut, I think I'll do that route everyday!
.. ..
Oh, and a point of Parlimentary Procedure, my spell check, it no worky-worky on this blog on this computer no more. So, errors, oh yeah, we'll have errors!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Too Much Time on Our Hands

You know what I did yesterday? Nothing, that's what! Yeah, I had ideas, but I thought, nah, I'll go down to help out the Gasparilla Expo. So, I popped up at 5 AM, and went down there at 5:45 to help them processes the 15,000 runners to come through there on Saturday.

Well, I got there, and they didn't really want my help. The lady running the volunteers was barking at everbody like a rabid Old Yeller on Steroids. I'm asking myself, "Do I want to put up with this crap for several hours?" No I did not. I won't put up with that from a boss that pays, I'm darn sure not going to let someone that I'm volunteering for treat me like that.

Ok, so from there I went to the Tampa Bay Runners booth at the expo. I figured I could help out there for a few hours, visit with some friends, then run later. So, I saw that no one was at the booth, I plopped down, chatted with a few buds, then a friend came in, looked at me like I had two heads, griped about not having any help, griped about the sad state of affairs. Man was this joker a wet blanket. At this point I got up did a little shopping at the expo, went to bathroom, scared the heck out of myself when I saw this dude on the right in the mirror:

Yeah, I hadn't shaved, I had a cut on my lip from horsing around with Har-Har (was guarding against the right Paw, and he got me with the left!) I had on a ratty shirt, I hadn't showered yet that morning. Looking back, maybe all those folks at Gasparilla, well maybe they just saw some homeless cat looking for free samples, but I swear, I was there to work.

The nice thing about it was, I stolled on home, showered up, shaved, and kicked back and read.... all day long! Wow, you mean some people that don't spend all day running on Saturday have time to read? What a concept, after this Grand Slam, perhaps I'll join a book club, I could do that!

Nothing gold can stay, next week, back up to 75 miles.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Song of the Week #3

Yes Sah! Super Dave already has the song and artist. It's a guilty pleaure and it was sent to me by Mr. Jim Bodah. He's done Badwater like 9 times, he knows what this song means!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

You Snooze, You.... Sleep!

It aint easy. All this gettin' up. All this running. And who's the dumbunny that invented the snooze alarm anyway? I hope he can sleep at night, and then a little more in the morining. Yeah, I hit that sucker snooze not once but twice this morning. That seemed like such a good idea at the time. Of course that meant no 6 miles this morning, rather I could only go 4.

Think they'll understand at Leadville if I'm a few minutes late? Will I get to turn around before Hope Pass?

Hey, snooze inventer, thanks for the sleep, now drop and give me 20!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No Time Like the Write Time

When I was a young runner I ran to get fast.

I was a prisoner to my watch. I looked at it on every run, I clicked the lap counter at every mile. If a run wasn't as fast as another, I was angry. When I raced I had magic numbers, 5K 24 minutes, which became 21, which became 20, which became 19. 10K had magic numbers, so did a marathon. If I wanted to dig up an old running log I could tell you the time in which I ran every mile of the 2000 Grandma's Marathon.

Now most days I don't wear a watch. I never train with one. I do wear one in 100 Mile races, sometimes I even remember to start it, but I rarely look at it. I remember thinking in Vermont that it was weird, the first time I looked at my watch we were 8 hours in. I was thinking, geez, do I ever even go 8 hours in a work day without looking at my watch? No. The next time I looked at the watch in Vermont was at 14 hours, 6 hours later.

Well, lately I've needed a watch, not for me, but for my track team. You, see, I time them. They run in circles a lot. So, as I've been training them, I've had to borrow a watch from Tyler, he's a great kid and a talented runner. Oh, I have a watch, but I can't use the stop watch feature, until today. I can't use it, because it still has my splits on it from the Ancient Oaks 100 from back in December 2007 on it. I've never really looked at the splits nor analyzed them. I had an idea of keeping my time for each of the 29 loops (29 loops of 3.477 miles, or whatever equals close to a hundred). Well, 100 laps seemed daunting, so I then decided to keep them in sets of 3, then I could give myself a better picture of how I was running, as a bathroom stop or food stop would be averaged over roughly 10 miles. Also, the last set would seem fast as there would only be 2 loops in that set.

Ok, not a bad plan, but then the day got hot, I was slowing down, and I didn't want to know the truth, I couldn't handle the truth. So, I stopped my little click-watch-a-thon sometime early in the race and let the good times roll. Here's what the watch would have told me that day, had I looked at it. (Seriously, I know my time was 22:47 something, but I don't know how I got there, and when I finished, I had no idea how fast I was, I figured somewhere between 20 and 23 hours, I was on the money.) Ok, here are the splits:

Total time: 22:47:54
Loop 1: 38:58
Loop 2: 39:09 (total 1:18:45)
Loop 3: 40:59 (total Set of 3= 1:59:07)

Now I went into 3 loop set mode:
Total 4 -6: 1:55:17 (total time 2x3 loops= 3:54:24)

Total 7 - 9: 2:16:37 (9 lap total 6:11:01)

Total 10 - 12: 2:25:02 (12 lap total 8:36:03 and not even 1/2 way done!)

And the A.D.D. won't even handle 3 lap mode:

Total 12 - 29: 14:11:50 (29 lap total 22:47 something)

There you have it. I have decided not to analyze it. Really, whomever that dude was that ran in second place for 90 miles took precedent over the watch at some point. I just wanted to catch him, and I did. Joe Ninke, in first place was too far ahead, he lapped me 3 times (but I lapped him back once and could have a second time, I was on his shoulder, but it was his last lap, and I didn't want to detract from his victory. If the race had been 112 miles, I'm pretty sure I'd have won) so I didn't worry about him.

Any way, for what it's worth, now those times are recorded and I can give Tyler his watch back.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Thinkerr

I reckon I didn't realize it, but I've been consistent lately. I've run every day for, let me check my running log, 20 days, it was 1/14 the last time I took a day off... until yesterday. Oh, my legs felt fine, I just felt like sleeping in and letting my body recover a bit. Usually I take one day off a week, but I feel like it's not a real run if I just jog with Harley, thing is, then I figure, well, I'm dressed for a run, I'm sweaty, may as well throw in a couple more, and BAM, it's 20 days.

So, I went to run this morning, started with Harley for 2, and in 24 measly hours, I had forgotten how to run. My legs just didn't seem to know what to do. I was asking myself, "Why am I out here? What should I do?" It was weird. I was thinking, man I just did 20 miles on Sunday, now I can't figure out this little jog. No, I didn't drink last night. No, I didn't bump my head sprinting out of the "Living Eucharist" seminar the school forced us to go to yesterday. I just couldn't remember how to do it. Fortunately Har-Har remembered. It took about 30 yards to turn our stroll into a jog into a run. So, I let him lead me for 2 miles, and by the 2nd of my 4.5 post Harley solo miles I was already employing some of my old running tricks to fight fatigue and boredom.

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks; but an old dog can you help you re-learn some of your old tricks!

Monday, February 4, 2008


So, what do you think? Does Wasatch look hard?
Piece of cake! I often climb 5000 feet in a couple of miles... everytime I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Ok, off to run some hill kings!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wasatch is ON!

Well, I was chosen in the Lottery for the Wasatch Front 100.

It's happening, even if I should fail at one of the others I am entered into Wasatch. Let's see, there is me, Dean and Michelle. Ok, we know that I will do no better than 3rd, I can live with that.

This race is going to be harder than Chinese Arithmatic, check out the elevation profile and look at the picture and then pray for me! Elevation:

Hey, Snooper Bowl party to go to, later days!


PS, way to go Chase! Rocky Raccoon finisher! 26 hours flat.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Punxsutawney Andy

Happy Groundhog Day to you all, each and every one! I read where Phill saw his shadow today, and we can expect six more weeks of Winter. Wow, I hope so! It's been B-E-A-U-Tiful in Florida this winter. What I hope doesn't happen is that we get in a Bill Murray-esque rut for the next few thousand years, with more of the same. It is my wish that something is different for you today.

During today's run at Croom I was reflecting on how my running was rut-tistic before I jumped off of the roads and on to the trails. I ran with my friends Chris and Deborah Wedge, so good to see them, and their friend Andy Barrett. Andy is on the road to running his first 100 Mile trail race at Vermont this summer. It's safe to say that his training is going very well. He placed second in his first 50 miler at the Luna Chicks run in December. As we were running he shared his story of the "Quest" to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It was eerily similar to my own.

Since Andy's first marathon at Gulf Beaches in 2004 (if my memory isn't too affected by the rubbing alcohol strained through steel wool, it doesn't work-DON'T TRY IT, from the college days,) he has made running Boston his chief running goal. Through A-Trying too hard, B-Trying too often and C-General Bad Luck this talented runner has yet to qualify. He described in fairly good detail the tribulations of at least 8 or 9 marathons. He was Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. I know, I've been there! It took me, get this yall, 16 tries to qualify for Boston. I finally had to do what Andy is doing now, take some time off, step back, examine, re-tool and train with some new techniques. His next attempt is several months away, he's not jumping right back in.

When I finally qualified in June of 2000, at Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, MN, it was after a failed attempt at Pensacola's Blue Angel marathon, 4 month's earlier. I took some time off, I retooled, and set what is still my PR.

I aint a bettin' man, but I bet Andy qualifies on his next attempt. I bet tomorrow is February 3rd, for him!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Song of the Week #2

Faster Horses (The Cowboy and the Poet), by Tom T. Hall

Two events led me to choose this song (regardless of the fact that I love Tom T. Hall, and this is one my favorites) #1: My man Davo (slightly older than me and he with hernia and all) just dragging me around Carollwood the other day, chatting away as I hung on for dear life. #2: Me, at 46, running my track team of 16 year-olds into the ground the night after running a rapid 9 with Davo.

It made me feel like, "Hey, we aint dead yet! Perhaps, we can still teach these whipersnappers a thing or three." I'd like to think we can also compete with them, but really, if I do my job correctly, which I mean to, I can't compete with them, but I hope I can motivate them.

Anyway, back to the song. In the song this fancy dude meets a cowboy, and thinks he's gonna humor the old cat. Asks him the secrets of life.

Grizzled Cowboy says, "Son it's faster horses younger women older whiskey more money."
Fancy Dude says, "I aint into all that, gimme the spiritual side."
Cowboy, "You are a liar."
Fancy Pants, "Don't like to pick on my elders, but Ahmo pop you!"
Cowman, "Drop and give me 20! (as he slides a knife by Fancy's ear)"
Fancy, "So, Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money. I can buy that!"
All I'm saying is, old cats know a few things, we can still do a few things, so look out for us!