Saturday, February 28, 2009

Casa de Squires V Remote Camping?

Ok, I know this, I am going on a long training weekend over Memorial Day.

I have two clear choices:

The Greg Soderlund sponsored, Pre-Western States, gimme-your-money, however if it rains, sleets, snows, or if there is small brush-fire within 3 thousand miles we will cancel after you get here, edition.

There is also training at Casa de Squires in Denver. Hmmmmm?

Western States- Temperature- mercy of the elements. Sleep in tent on leaking air-mattress

Casa de Squires- Climate controlled. Queen-size bed, indoors, at the end of the hall

Western States- 200 yards away at the middle school, must share with 100 sweaty campers

Casa de Squires- 3 steps down the hall, must share with two furry cats. Clean towels, hot water, ahh.

Western States- Slide shows on the positive effects of forest fires (besides making Greg rich) and speakers on "How to finish Western States."

Casa de Squires- Minutes from the Lion's Lair, I'm sure Rachel Pollard will be in town. Sox V Rays on HD-TV (I wonder if the Sox will still be in it over Memorial Day?)

Food and Beverage:
Western States- 4 buffet/elbow people out of the way meals included. . No Beer, Wine or liquor

Casa de Squires- Hey, it's Denver. Southwest no problem! Pizza, no problem! Denver Omelettes, no problem! Tofurky BBQ, yeah, that may be a problem! Beverage, it's Casa de Squires, NO PROBLEM!

Now, if I can just convince my BLF to go, hmmmmm

Friday, February 27, 2009

Pay the 9 Clams!

If you have a hankering to see Slumdog Millionaire, I say do it. It's a wonderful movie (hey Chase, there are even a few murders, though no real nookie)! However, if you are going to see this movie, do it at the theatre. Now with the all day passes, it's not that bad of a deal.

Do NOT watch this movie from a bandit webstie on-line. I did, and well, I got a virus that made my computer sicker than my mind! It has CA-RASHED, oh no!

So, until I get that situation in order, I'll not be posting much, so here's a quick update:

My running is going great! My mileage is still low, but I feel really good out there!
My weight is down. I'm not slim (unlike my picture as a high school Junior where I am listed as Slim Mathews), but as I'm 10 pounds down at 185, I am much more mobile than I was. Heck I've run 100's at this weight. I didn't do very well, but I did finish.

Sorry, I don't have more for you, but I jumped on a friend's computer while she wasn't looking.

I gotta go, and remember, if you want to watch Slumdog, don't be dumbdog, pay the 9 quid!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yeah, 'cept Frerris was Faking!

Damn, still sick. Shouldn't have had those 3 beers last night. And that rich food.

But I wanted to go the game (by the way we won our girls' BBall game by 14 points and now we go to the State Final Four! Go Lady Crusaders!) and I didn't wan't to go alone.

I need to run, but I feel like crap, so I've been, gulp, doing school work since 4:50 AM (and that's in the morning!)

Oh, well, we're off of school tomorrow, so if I can't rally for a run later, there's aways tomorrow. Tomorrow, I can always pop-on up and go for run!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Time for Everything

Well, there is a first time for everything.

Today is the first time I've called in sick all school year (since the beginning of August.)

Hey, I only did it because, well, I'm sick. I average one sick day per year, here's how the last eight years have shaken out:

7 Years ago: 0 sick days
6 YA: 5 sick days (Major arm surgery, 5 days in hospital)
5 YA: 0
4 YA: 0
3 YA: 1 Sick Day (played Hooky)
2 YA: 1 Sick Day (see above)
1 YA: 1 Sick Day (See above)
This Year: 1 Sick Day, I'm sick!

8 years, that's 9 days, but 5 were because of Becky knocking me out of the tree. So, I'm a pretty healthy guy.

My secret? Cod Liver Oil!
Dollars to Doughnuts, I'll be back tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Marble Under 188

Ok, I have been doing so well on the down and distance.

I've lost a little bit every week, except that one week where I held even. This week I was a little nervous, even though I had my highest mileage running since my 49 miles in 3 days (which almost put me in the hospital, 10 % a week increase, BullShmitz, how about 300%? Er, no!) and my diet has been very good, still, I was a little worried because last night after my awesome Red Molly Show (thank you Jim, front row center! If these chicks burp, I'll know their eating habits, yeah, I was close) I had a little midnight snack (well, 9:40 PM, but that's midnight to me!)

I couldn't help it, you know they say to get that cholesterol down, you should have one - two drinks a day, and here it was past 9 PM and I hadn't imbibed. So I pour myself a nice glass of red wine (now why can't I remember to take my baby aspirin or fish oil tabs daily, that reduces cholesterol too?) and I didn't want to drink alone, that just seems wrong, so I made popcorn to go with the wine.

I was asleep seconds after polishing off the last kernel of corn.

Don't know how I did it, but I still weighed in at 187 this morning. 1.5 pounds down from last week. It must have been the marble sized chunk of earwax that tumbled out of my head during class yesterday. This was no commie duck either, it was an elephant egg (marble terms, check out the wiki). Usually, you can just feel that earwax shift and you never find the evidence, but that was not the case here. I feel like if there was still a local candle maker I could be living on Easy Street right now. Driving an Escalade and eating tofu tartar!

187 and heading south, oh yeah!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Silver Lake

Took two FU Runners, Scott Boe (buy his shirts) and Dr. Frank, (cheer him up, he's always feeling down in the mouth!) down the Silver Lake Trail today, see, they'd never been.

I'm so doggone slow these days (the other day I was running and it was either Jon, or maybe it was Woody, and I look over and he's driving a stake into the ground, and I'm like, "Hey Man, What ARE you doing?" and he said, clear as a bell, "I'm making sure you are still moving!") that I've got to take people running in places where they aren't familiar so they HAVE to stay with me and I'll have some company.

Hey, it may be cheesy, but it works!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm No Lazy Guy

While I was running 6 miles this morning, once again, relatively pain free :) I heard an awesome song from Slobberbone's release, Everything You thought was Right is Wrong. The song is, Lazy Guy. I really like it.

It's about a dude that gets hassled because he's lazy.

Well, let me speak for him... nah, that's too much trouble. I'll let the Bourbon Dogs play it for you. It's not that great a rendition, but I really don't want to put much more into it. (BTW, the run was great :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From Frighening Weight to Fighting Weight!

On Jan 6, I stepped on the scale at a scary 195 pounds. Only once in my life was I ever heavier when I topped (and bottomed, lots of bottom!) at 199 pounds. I was young and cute and had hair then, so I could get away with it. Even then, it prompted me to get out and get fit.

After years of ultra-running, I thought the 190's were a thing of the distant past, but BAM! One injury and a lot of chili-cheese-fries later, the 190's and I met again.

Thankfully, after a little self-control, and even less exercise, I'm back in the 180's (to stay for a while, at least until I get back to the 170's!). This morning I hopped up on the scale and recorded a my weight at 188.5. Cool beans. Getting back to fighting weight!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Great Day for Florida Runners!

I Ran 16 miles (it was closer to 17, but who's counting?) with Dr. Frank today.

It was good. Mild discomfort, no real pain in the foot until I was done, some ice some Advil and I am feeling good again. I think I can, I think I can, Ithinkicandoitagain!

It's a good thing too. I got Star cracking 11 hours at Rooty Raccoon as she calls it (honestly, it's in the woods, what do you want a paved downhill bike path with Fabio at all the water stops, cowgirl up Star!). And I got Becky and Woody racing 100 miles around Rocky in 27 hours. I have Judy completing her 1st 100 in under 28. Adam was just over that magical 24 hour mark (he'll get 'em next time!). June, rocked 100 miles well under the the 30 hour limit.

Hey, you guys are leaving me in the dust, wait up!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heel Heal or no Heel Heal, I'm Off!

I no longer care whether my heel is healed. I'll not just heel, I'm off and running! A heart attack will kill me if I don't run before heel pain will if I do. Plus, my new Podiatrist, he says if I can stand the pain, go, go! So, I went!

I ran 5 miles today, and the foot was ok. I'm going to try 15 more tomorrow with Doctor Frank tomorrow. If I'm too much pain he can numb my mouth (he's a dentist), it won't help my foot, but no one will be able to hear me gripe (spelled, B*I*T*C*H!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

What's Wrong with Women's Suffrage?

I don't think women should be subjected to suffrage!

I mean there were all these suffragettes around back around the turn of the century, and what good did they do because women still have suffrage today!

Have we not evolved enough as a country, as a people to to alleviate all this suffrage.

"Er, hey A-Man, suffrage is the right to vote, I think you mean suffering."

They aren't the same thing?

"No, they are quite different."

Oh, well, never mind.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

90 Days to Good Health

90 days to good health, or else!

I don't want to take meds. Yuck! That's what's in store for me though if I can't lower my LDL by, gulp, 58 points, my tri-glycerides by I can't remember, but a bunch. And my blood pressure.

Ok, I've started, I've had oatmeal for breakfast 2 days in a row. Now, I've got to ditch all my crappy food and buy wholesome healthy stuff. No FF :( No Wings :( No Ice Cream. But hey, all the carrots I can eat!

Oh, well, at least the Doc has given me 90 days to clean up, many American Docs are just little puppets for the Pharm companies. And you know what they say about drugs, they aren't magic!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

King of Hearts, It's Me

Pauline, she doesn't stand a chance.

Jennifer, in your dreams tramp!

Ben, get real! I'll make you say Uncle-in-law!

Who are these minor leaguers? They are the other "players" on my computer's game of Hearts. Forget solitaire, that game is solo, Hearts, the computer sets you up against three of the best players it can find inside the casing of the CPU and, in my case anyway, I drill them, dumping points on them like Dean goes through adjectives describing his quads (that's a lot.)

The game ends when the first player hits 100 points, whoever has the low score wins. The last game, I was barely in double-digits when Pauline, Jennifer and Ben all hit the 120's. Yeah, just to rub it in there little cyber-faces, I shot the moon on them, even though victory was already a sure thing. What a bunch of rubes!
Er, yeah, it may be time to start running again before work. Ya think?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

190 and Holding (on to Food!)

After Friday's cholesterol test I'll admit it, I had this really gross (delicious) sausage sandwich at my BFF's house (this is different from my BLF, BFF is Best Friend Forever and he is neither beautiful, nor a lady, I mean like the sewer rat, he is beautiful in his own way, but...) and I hadn't had anything like that in two years so I had another one. Then on Saturday I had a hot dog and pop corn. And I think I had some ice cream on Friday night.And well, for the first time since I've been checking this year I didn't lose any weight. I didn't gain any either. But, I learnt (real Southern word, Google it) two things:

I have to crank up the calorie burning activity to accelerate weight loss.

And, it's a fair cop!

Can't really expect to lose weight by not exercising and eating sausage sandwiches and ice cream now can we?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got a Whole New Plan

Ok, Here's the plan for the next long while:

Sun, Feb. 1: Bike to video store. Short Run.

Manday, Feb. 2: Selve Imporovemnt
Feb 2: Self-Imporovement
Feb 2: Self-Improofment
Feb 2: Self-Improofmint
Feb 2: Self-Improvmint
Feb 2: Self-Improblemless
Moonday, Fab 2: Sefl-Impowerfullment
Monday, Feb 2, Get Andie McDowell Drunk
Muffday, Feb 2, Revenge against my enimies
Monday, Feb 2: Self-Improvement and a short run
Tuesday, Feb 3: Short Run