Sunday, August 30, 2009

Geeks vs Nerds vs Kool Kats

Ok, let's end this controversy.

What's the best, what's the worst and what's reality?

See, my BLF stated that she was miffed because someone said she had some nerd like tendencies. Yeah right! As the taller brother in Rat Race said, "I 'ont 'ink oh!" (for those of you that haven't seen the movie 12 times, that's I don't think so) My BLF is the farthest thing from a nerd. She's got fashion savvy, she drive an SUV, She doesn't run her mouth when she should bite her lip, she's got a great sense of humor, on and on. So she's smart, that alone isn't enough to put you in Nerdville.

When I delivered this declaration to her, she just looked at me. "What, don't you believe me?" I ask knowingly.

She says, "er, well, ah, yeah, ok see, it's just that you are kind of a nerd, so you can't really judge."

What me a nerd? Let's check the criteria. Fashion Sense? Ok, I'll admit to owning a pair of Hush Puppies, and I still think digital watches are pretty neat. So, I'm going to take a hit here.

What was next? SUV? Well, no, but my Honda Fit is perfect for my lifestyle. Good gas mileage, can adjust the seats. Fit for function, not flare. Ok, I take a hit there too.

Holds tongue or spouts off? Ok, Ok, even though I'm 0-3 I'm still not a nerd, and here's why.

I also, cut my own hair! Those crooks at Fantastic Sam's want like $12 to cut my hair. Shoot my clippers paid for themselves in 3.1 months. Ha, thrifty see.

And the topper, I figured it all out on Friday night/Saturday morning as I was packing my car to meet my friends at 4:30 AM to run in the woods. As I was leaving the house at 3:30 AM my across the street neighbors were still partying on. Music blaring. People drinking on the porch. It hit me like a salami (hard!), as I used my running hat with the light built in I stared down at my combination water belt/fanny pack.... "I am not a NERD! I am a GEEK!"

Then why am I so happy? As my BLF said, "What do you care; you still get to kiss the girl?"

Call me what you wish, as long as I can kiss the girl, that's kool enough for me!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a Tough Darn Race


It's just a tough mnother. If you aren't from the mountains, or if you don't have Lance's lungs and supplements, your chances are slim.

My bud Chase, he trained hard. He lives in Colorado. He waxed me. He made it 75 miles and he was d-o-n-e, Done!

Poor guy, he chugged like hell to get to the turn around and he made it with an hour to spare, not easy at Leadville. he made it over Hope Pass, not once but twice. But that climb, it will just do you in, and it done him in. Not right away, delayed onset and guts got him another 20 miles down the trail.

Chase, come run Ancient Oaks with me, then we'll head to Kettle Morainne. Let's get out of that thin air and off those mountains for a while, we need a little success my bud.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Off to the Gym

Hey, you heard right.

Whadda you mean you don't believe it? Hey, hey, I used to go, back in 2002 when someone made me. And back in the 90's when someone made me.......

Ok, ok, ok, ok, but, but, I've been going for Five weeks now, and no one is really making me, I just had turned, you know a little doughy in the last 7 years.

So, believe, and get the needle and thread ready, because I'm coming back Ripped!

Don't forget your tickets, because it's gonna be a Gun Show!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thanks Professor!

I'm a super running fan too!

I'm pretty sure I saw Star talking to a tree this morning, I think that counts!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Running Partner

I have a new running partner. Beautiful. Young. Long Legs. And like my coffee.... STRONG!

Yet, my BLF is not jealous, (not only because she has my heart) but because Luna is well, a picture is worth one thousand words (so why am I writing?)Three miles is nothing for this girl!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

No Body to Love

Last Summer (or was it two summers ago?) was the summer of the Panther. Several Croomers heard the Panther. We all talked about it, but I thought it was all codswallop! Aint no panther out there, there are only 60 -90 left. Then I'm running along and "Merlin's beard!" Loping along right in my path is our very own Croom Panther.

For years I've heard what a great place to dump a body Croom would be (some have even speculated that the name Bundy's Pit, came from the infamous Ted disposing of one in late 1970's). Again, codswallop I say! Croom would have to be the worst place to dump a body, Motorcycles, horses, cyclists, hikers, 4-wheel enthusiasts, and even the occasional runner use this park. No one would ever dump a corpse here!

And no one did, until Wednesday or Thursday this week. Yep, the body of one dead 46 year old man was found out there on forest road 7 on Friday.

Guys please don't start a rumor about aliens or bigfoot out there, these man eating Florida Panthers are enough!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clean Sweep

No Chase, don't worry this story has nothing to do with the Rays recent meetings with the Red Sox of Boston. I wouldn't do that to you!

This one is for all you kids and bachelors out there. It's a good thing to sweep your kitchen floor at least once every six months! (And my kitchen, it's very small! I'm talking you have to walk outside to change your mind!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Nice Surprise

Yesterday I got a notice from UPS, they had tried and tried to drop off a package to no avail. They didn't get the memo, I'm back at work, after only two months off too!

Well, I filled out the little form saying just drop that sucker on the porch. I didn't know what the package was, the sender wasn't listed. I'd already received the I-Pod I purchased for Alison's birthday (and I've already given it to her, even though her B-day is on the 26th, heck she deserved it :) I already received my swanky Kayak lift system (haven't installed it yet, but I've received it.) What's in the big box? I do not know, it's far bigger than Ali's I-Pod as you can clearly see! The suspense was killing me!

Now I figured anything else was a summons or a bill, so I wasn't too concerned about it being left on the porch. 1- I'm glad they left it today. 2- I'm glad it wasn't swiped by some neighborhood scavenger.

What is it? It's my really cool DFL plaque from Western States. The RD said he was going to send the poem, but shoot man, that was back in July. I'd forgotten all about the thing. And here it came today as I wore my Western States shirt to school (the students aren't at school yet, so we can go casual till Friday). The RD didn't say the poem was going to come in a huge box and that it was going to be in a $200 frame. Cool!

Here it is, I like it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Get Lost!

Everybody can get lost. In fact, everybody SHOULD get lost! That's what I'm saying.

It was a blessing in disguise when both my running partners chose to sleep in this morning and I found myself at Croom solo this morning. I figured this was a chance to get in a run at my own pace (aka, walk whenever I felt like it without any pressure to pick it up from some pain in the neck who actually wants to get in shape!)

So I set off on the Yellow trail, it's only 12 miles instead of the usual 15. I also decided to run that trail in the reverse direction than I normally do. I don't often run this trail and every once in a while I get lost when I do. This morning about 6 miles into the trail I realized I had somehow, some where got turned around and ended retracing about 3 miles. Darn, I didn't have enough water to run the complete the course, so I decided to take a short cut.

And you guessed it, I got lost. I mean I knew basically where I was, and I knew which way to go when/if I hit one of the regular trails, so I wasn't too worried. I came upon a jeep road on which I had never run and shortly into it I was treated to the loveliest view I've ever seen out there. Hey this is nice I thought. Soon after that I happened upon a secret fort (I'm sure whoever built it thinks it's secret and hopes it stays that way.) The fort was really cool. Wind chimes, sculptures, cow bones, little hidey holes all over. It was fun.

Soon I did intersect with the orange trail hung a left and was back at my car after a beautiful, fun two-hour run. I took a day that could have been a drag, running alone and made it fun. How did I do it? By getting lost. So to all of you, GET LOST!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vermont pix

Ok, a little late, but it's back (I finally parted with a couple of ducats and purchases a leedle netbook computer, I haven't figured it out yet, but I'll be trying!)

Ok, here's what we have:
My home in Vermont, Andy B's sign (I never wanted to see anything called the Barrett Patch, just brings up those mental images!)

Then David House's pacer (Darby or something, nice dude), Lindsey, he was Patrick's pacer.

P, Lindsay and A2 not seeing the beautiful flower as they trudge

A2 next what I can only assume is the Barrett Patch

Since June didn't see the signs on the left (and they were on the turn she missed) or the two others at that corner, sadly she never saw the sign on the right.

David looks as good as anyone at the finish ( that's saying something about the retarded nature of our sport the guy that looks the best is wrapped up on an army cot used by 4,000 sweaty dudes!) And I didn't want to leave out the trash can that Patrick puked in (oh, that's disgusting, it should read, the trash can into which Patrick puked. Yeah, that feels a lot better!)

A2 and Patrick at the finish, how sweet it is! A2 and Patrick love the horses that run the race along with the runners, here's A2 with Brownie and rider.

As promised (perhaps a little later :)