Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Rating

Ok, you know that Thursday I had my chapter test, a ten mile hill workout at Julie's (I earned an A+ :) and this weekend was my final exam.

Well, it went well. I almost studied too hard, I started on a run at Flatwoods on Friday, but Candi's advise sunk in, "Are you sure you want to run again on less than 24 hours rest with the weekend coming up." I wanted to, but I thought better of it, and after fighting traffic to get there, I ran one mile and then walked two.

So, what did I do. On Saturday, I ran 15 too fast miles which felt crappy, but the foot was solid. On Sunday I ran 10 slow miles which felt great, and the foot was ok.

So, what's my grade?

I'm giving myself an H. And that is Amy's suggestion, it's for working in my running, AFTER and AROUND, Ali's dance.

So here's the stats: In Th and this is where we are headed: e Grand Slam.
BTW, Foot Feels Good this morning, so I'm resting it, and heading for the Gym tonight.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Powerful Proud Pop Pontificates

I'm powerful proud of my daughter.

Ali is a dancer. I enjoy watching her dance. She's gotten quite good over of the years. I don't know how her mom feels, but I was scared to death Ali had my sense of rhythm (which is none.)

Turns out I needn't have worried. Her rhythm is spot on.
Yesterday she had a dance competition in Brandon. Dance competitions, I actually quite enjoy them..... now. It used to be fidget in the chair for an hour wait for Ali's 3 minutes and sneak out the back. Last night I even stayed for awards (yeah, I think I was the only dad there, plenty of moms. But dads could you put down the golf clubs long enough to come watch your kids? Please, at Ali's dance studio, they often call meetings and they say, "Mom's gather around." I used to get offended at that, and clear my throat until they would say, "Mom's and Andy." I no longer get offended, because it is all mom's. You know dads you're not making it very hard to make me look like a good dad. Ali has one friend she's danced with for 10 years, I've met her dad... once. He bolted into the studio to pick up his daughter, haven't seen him since.)..... ok, last night I even stayed for awards, and I'm glad I did.

Ali won the "Miss Sophisticated, Stage Presence Award." The studio doing the competition is called Sophisticated Productions, hence the "Miss Sophisticated." The lady explained the Stage presence award and I was beaming. Ali dances with a wonderful smile (even when she isn't in a great mood, which isn't often) and she acts the song as well as dances to it.
The judges saw that yesterday, it was cool. I'm glad that I was there to see it! Dad's the person you are gypping by not being there, just might be you!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm In (and out of) the Money

Last year I was left out.
Last year I worked twice as hard at the Croom Fools Run.
Last year I worked twice as hard at Croom and the race wasn't as good.
Last year I worked twice as hard at Croom the race wasn't as good and I made NO MONEY!

Now, I'm not talking about the kind of no money where you get paid and it's not very much (like say you are a teacher) so you say, "I make no money!"
I'm talking about the kind of no money where you work all day for days that lead into a couple of weeks and the people you are working for leave town and give you No Money. Zero dollars and Zero cents. Nada, Zip, Zilch, bupkis, like imagine all the money in the world and then it burns and you have none! That kind of no money! Oh, I was supposed to get paid, but the previous sponsors decided that even though I single-handedly staged the race that they would just keep the money. Then they had the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to try to charge me $1,000 to take the race to another sponsor. Hey, hang on, I got your money right here, wait, I think I found it:
The amazing thing is, after getting stiffed like a clumsy waiter in a room full of Canadians (hey, I love our neighbors to the North, but their customs are just different), I did the race again this year.

To be honest, I didn't know if I was going to get stiffed again, but I knew that I wanted the race to go on, and it looked like it was up to me to carry that out. Thank God, I went to the right guy! Jim Hartnett of Tampa Races has always been a good guy. I love to run and volunteer at his races. But I didn't know him. I didn't know if I could trust him, hey, I'd always liked the other sponsors, I'd always enjoyed running or volunteering at the previous Croom races.

Turns out that I did the right thing. Jim proved to be a hard worker, and very organized. Jim did more of the work leading up to the race than I did. Much more. We had agreed to split the profits, but I didn't really know what that meant. Would I only be paid if there was a profit? The memory of hours and hours of work and no money from last year was fresh in my mind.

Turns out Jim meant that we would split the profits down the middle. Wow, had I really believed that yall that ran may not have gotten t-shirts and my buddies may not have run for free (just kidding, I'll always be a sucker, you would have gotten T-Shirts! hehe)

So, turns out after paying all the bills and making several donations to charity (Friends of Croom, Park Service, Eckerd Youth) we still made a nice little chunk so for now: I'm in the money!

Actually in the money isn't correct it's more like this:

It's really in and out of money. As today and tomorrow I'll rectify that in the money thing by, buying my Western States Plane ticket, My Memorial Day weekend training camp ticket, my Leadville ticket and purchasing my WS accommodations, oh, and my $80 Eagle from the Grand Slam folks, gotta roll those dice! Yeah, that'll do it, I mean this wasn't the NY City Marathon Jim and I staged, there were only 250 races.

Still, it feels pretty good to know that I don't have to throw on a dress and work Nebraska Ave to pull off this Grand Slam thing!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Song of the Week #9, BTBW!

Big Toe's Black n White? No
Batman Tops Boy Wonder? No
Boring Tis Becoming Wild? No

Here is is:
I woke up and my motor was running, at least that's what I thought, turns out Harley was panting in my grill demanding a walk, so I showed him, I made it a run. Yeah, he loved it, I guess he's born to be wild!

Ok, so I don't have to bug yall with two posts today, you are dying to know what (I'm eager to tell you) what happened with my ped last light. Nothing. It was fine. As I told Becky and Julie (Davo no-showed due to a previous engagement he made after I invited him) "I wouldn't know that something was wrong with my foot if I didn't know something was wrong with my foot."

Any way, we did 10 miles on the hilly dirt road by Julies house and then finished it up by soaking our legs in the getting warmer pool and sipping a beverage.

And today, the foot is solid. Chapter Test: A+ I felt good, but I took it easy. The foot felt good, but I still wrapped that rascal and iced it and wore the evil sock to bed last night. Finals this weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Chapter Test Today, Final this Weekend

I'm sure it gets old reading about my poor little feet, I promise, it gets old writing about them.

But that's what this blog is, about my journey in the Slam for a year, and this is significant. It's significant because for the first time that I can remember, I'm scared. Honest injun (now there's a lovely saying), I thought that I was close to invincible, I'm not. Even after Western States founder, Gordy Ansleigh, at age 60 took one look at my training plan and said, "I don't like it. You may not finish your next 100 with it, and you definitely won't be running when you're 60 if you keep it up."

Why Gordy? "Too much." Ah beans! What's this guy know? This guy that's finished Western States every year he has attempted it. This guy that attempts Western States almost every year. This guy who, like me, doesn't have a slender runner's figure. What's he know? Evidently quite a lot.

Gordy was right, I can't finish the Grand Slam.... on my old mileage junkie's plan. Candy was right. Star was right. My body knows this too. But like many addictions this one is dying hard. I want to run, every day. I want to run twice a day. It's always worked before. It's not fair. I don't want to adapt, but I know I can't run the Grand Slam if I don't adapt. And I'm scared that even if I do adapt I won't be able to finish. My body is aging and things are happening that never used to happen. I will hang in, I won't quit, but I will sacrifice, if it's possible for my body to handle it, I will do it. Before this last injury I would have bet a lot of money (if I had it) that I would finish and do well in the grand slam. Now we'll see.

Chapter Test today, I run hills at Julie's, how will the foot do, I don't know.
Final Exam this weekend, Saturday I run 15 and Sunday 10.

If my body can handle this, I'll be back to running, but only three or four days a week. The rest, gasp, will be biking and gym.

Yall, I'm scared, I have let running define me, and I feel without it I am nothing. I know it's not right, but it's how I feel. The Slam Aint Afraid of Me, It's always there Ready for us! Even the 30% that finish take their lumps!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey Andy, How's the Foot?

Not too bad!

Turns out taking a break every now and then is good idea, who knew? I went to the Running Center last night (it's kinda like going to the doctor, they are trying to sell you stuff, but at least they spend more time with you!) At the Running Center last night I picked up ze Strassberg Sock, reccommended to me by Mr. Chase Squires (Stroke Me, Stoke Me) and a pair of nifty inserts. I almost went with the $4 heel pads instead of the $42 inserts, but then I remembered that's how I got in to this mess in the first place, by BEING CHEAP!

I ran 30 very fast miles in some very bad shoes. I knew these shoes sucked swamp water, but they were new, I couldn't throw them away.... and they hurt my feet. And they started this whole Plantar Fascitiis thingy. And I finally pitched those bad boys in file 13. So, Monday I ran 17 cautious miles, a little discomfort, no pain. Yesterday I ran 5 cautious miles, a little discomfort, no pain. Last night I slept with my new Strassberg sock and I can see where that will stretch me out.

This morning, still no pain. We'll see on Thursday at Julies how it holds up.

I'll keep you posted. AndyMan

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Croom Fools Finale

Straight from greater Raleigh, North Carolina come our two 50-Mile Winners! Hey, our winner is wearing Dirty Girl Gaiters, provided by the Dirty Girl herself, Xy Weiss. She's awesome. Staci, Roger moved down from Raleigh, I guess you'll have to as well! Staci's friend Allison ran the 16 mile run, then went back out and ran the last 7 with Staci. Staci found out that running 10 minute miles on the trails for 50 isn't very easy, but she still won almost meeting her goal time of 8 HOurs. She ran 8:21.

Here pictured is Roger Sutton winner of the men's 50-mile: href="">
Roger's victory was special to many of us Florida UltraRunners. He is one of us. He's nice, he's generous, he's just fun. Roger is also often injured. He's signed up for like five 100 mile races, and he's never made it to the starting line. He's signed up again at Vermont, and Damn it, I hope he wins the race! If I wasn't running I'd love to pace him or crew for him. I know he can do it. Also neat about Roger's victory, his sister Jenny was there cheering him on! What a great sister. She was concerned for him while he was out there, she was happy for him when he finished, Roger and Rusty are lucky to have a sister like Jenny! My brother would do the same for me, he's a great brother, so I pick up on stuff like that.

Also, Woody had a great run. I should photoshop in a beer to replace that Boost, but
that's now what the camera saw, so..... Woody finished in 8 1/2 hours. He was so happy and we are happy for him. He said, "I didn't know I had another sub-nine in me! Woody, tough as you are, you'll go sub-nine in your 70's! Great job.

And here's a picture Chase will find familiar. Dan the Man in a car. But this time Chaser, it's an accomplished, not a defeated, Dan! He was just over 9 hours, and he ran like a champ! Notice the mug in Dan's hand. It's a finisher's mug baby. Dan the Man, Dan the Man, Dan the Man!

There are so many stories, I met a really nice runner from PA, Alisa, she is doing Badwater this summer. VEry cool. I'm not going to tell you about the Jax couple the Clarkes, who simultaneously passed out after finishing in the 50 in 11:43+ I was happy for Kevin Grogan winning the 50K, he was flying! 3:33:33.

It was fun. Thank you all. If I knew how to do links I'd put a link to the finally finished results. Maybe Roger can help me with that too! I'm a maroon!!!! Love you all. Out!

Staci's bud, Alison!

And the Rain came down.

Marla's PR, too fast for the camera!

Bob Pope, and Richard Valentine seeking a little, "Shelter from the rain."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Results, you Want Results? Amended

Roger Sutton #1 He's the Winner, numero uno, the Big-cheese, the top dog, king of the hill, if you aint Roger the scenery is all the same, yadda-yadda!

According to Dale Earnhardt Sr. Second place is just the first loser! So, after Roger the next person is just the first loser and so on and so forth!
Arggg, I suck like a really good Hoover at this!!! Roger, help!!!

And after Roger bailed my arse out, here's what went to Jim Hartnett, race sponsor, and I think you're gonna chuckle. I particularly like the use of the word "pint" instead of "point." I noticed it, but then I left it, it fit. Don't worry, Roger I gave you full credit (hey, if it's not right, I've shifted blame :)


Here is the file of the results for the ultra and for UltraRunning Magazine and for Trail Runner, all cleaned up. 15 Mile aint in there cause it's not an ultra.

Many Thanks, sorry it took so I long. Computer programs aren't my strenght. I think we figured out what my strength was this weekend. Drinking Pizza and eating Beer. (See that proves my pint about the computers!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Results are NOT IN!

Cheese and Crackers! These results are not done yet. I'm working I swear. I have pictures I swear. I have cute stories I swear! I will let you in on all these I swear.

I'm gonna quit Swearing.... I F@#%*ng PROMISE!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

No, I'm A Fool! Croom Recap.

Ok, my bud Jim Hartnet has to hate me by now. He puts on some great races. People love the races he stages but most of them have a much shorter time frame than the soft 12-hour time limit we give to the 50-Milers at the Fools Run. He has to hate me because Croom is one long day! Twelve (which like it always does, turned out to be 13) hours of running to the athletes means about 48 straight for the race staff.

Ok, I got one hour of sleep last night, and have been working since 4 AM, it's now 10 till 10, so I'm going to bed, right now.

look for the race post tomorrow.

Thanks for a great race, Andy Mathews

Friday, March 21, 2008

Song of the Week #8, Slow Burn?

What is it?

It's this: Of Course if I say Trammp, SuperD already knows it, Chaser is thinking Charlie Chapman, which takes him to Robert Downey Jr, who looks like John Cusak, which makes him think that it's "Say Anything," But SuperD already knows that that isn't right.

Here it is:
And it is inspired by a call I just got from the Croom Forest Service, it seems like they are having a "controlled" burn at Croom today involving 1 - 2 miles of our Croom 50 race course (a section the runners will hit 4 times!) Don't worry the forest service said, "If ALL goes well, the fire should be out by dark tonight." Gee, we only need ALL to go well, no problems mate!

So, what was I gonna do use this song instead? NO WAY! I mean it's funny, but I'm not into explicit lyrics!

Anyway, aint that life? Our largest Croom Race ever (100 more than last year, and more still want in!) and they go all Anti-Smoky the B on me! What's a poor race director to do.

Well here are two thoughts:
1- Post your favorite/most appropriate, Smoke, Fire, song
2- Bring a healthy supply of these tomorrow:


One more tiny leedle thing. I'm going all official, "yeah, just put that over there. No, we'll have them on the web by Thursday. Not all packets are made the same, are all people made the same? Now drop and give me 20!" Race director now, so I won't be posting again till Saturday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey, Feels Pretty Darn Good

Whoa, hold off on the Doctor Detroit, the foot feels great. Now, I'm going to take another day off here, but I'm optimistic as heck.So, I'm going to the Running Center, getting me a Strassberg Sock, I'm going to keep taping, I'm going to keep icing.

Lastly, starting tomorrow, I hope to be training again. Hope, I hope.

I'm getting smarter, that's the second time I've been able to back off when I needed. Now, I feel behind in the training, but really I'm not, I'm fine. Just have to stay healthy. I can do it! I hope I hope I hope, therefore I am!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Choo Bawking About?

Enough of Gary Coleman and his questions!

I have the answer to the questions.

I'm talking about being chicken, that's what I'm talking about. I went out this morning with the intention of taking Harley for a two-mile run. You can call it being cautious all you want, but I was flat out scared to Take the First Step running. So, I walked him 1 mile. And I was pain free, but I was thinking about it every significant step of the way. I know one thing, I don't want to live like this (video below, you click, then you click again): Ok, since I don't want to live like this, I'm making my Doctor's apt. today. In the mean time, I am going to run tomorrow morning so I'll have something to tell the Doc. about.

fingers crossed and good luck, chicken boy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Week Off? Whatchotalkinbout?

Ok, I stole it from Mags, and I'm ok with that. I aint takin' another week off, let's just agree that I'll be careful!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Active Life: Day 1

Marked the two starter loops with Dan and Woody today. Can't say that my foot has recovered, can't even say that it felt good. Can't even say that it felt OK. What I can say is that the pain was bearable. Don't know, don't know what I'm a gonna do.

Well I do know a few things I'll be doing, icing, stretch and Advilling. I'm going to do more cross training and only run on the trails for the time being, gonna be real careful for one more week.

Oh, and I agreed with Candi, I took a full week off, so I am giving myself a letter. N. I am now "In" only "The Grand Slam" to go.

Ok, from here on is new. I thought this post needed a little spice:
So, I went to google-images, and typed in "My foot Hurts." And Viola! I see this image:The hottie on the right is my good friend Michelle. She is slamming too! Maybe Gawd gimme this injury so I could see a picture of Michelle and call her. Regardless, that's what I'm gonna do. She's SO NICE and like me, she has a BEAUTIFUL daughter. Unlike me she's faster than a speeding bullet!

Oh, ma Gawd, but it's a tiny world with this Internet thing. TE-NINE-EE

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sedentary Life: Day 7, Left Out

Everybody's running today. Well almost everybody:Yeah, yeah, I know, it's only one more day, and it was nice sleeping in, but geez, they're running today and I'm typing, right now, they are having fun. The trail is wet (and sloppy) while here, I only have movies, and I can get some work done, and
the fridge is chock full, and I can take a nap.

Still, you know what I'm saying, they can all bitch together (If you don't have anything nice to say about somebody, come on over and sit by me.) With the whole running thing, misery loves company. So much in fact that misery becomes fun. And it's true, I'm a pack animal (ask anyone, they'll tell you) I am not the lone wolf (Chuck Norris is.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Song of The Week #8, And P. Simon went Harri Kari!

Here it is. It's not real exciting, but if the orthopedic shoe fits, wear it!

Can't Run by some Rap Group.
And now Paul Simon went and kilt his own self, which if done correctly is illegal, so SuperDave, dust off that Florida license, you have a new client (like the rest of yours, sadly you'll be working for free) Hey, P Sim, it could have been worse, the Papa Hobo version was slower, imagine that! Harri Kari

Sedentary Life: Pick up Stix, it's Day Six

Five, Six, pick up Stix, of your broken life, you LOSER!

Hey, I'm in first place, in the couch potato league!

Me, "What are you doing?"
Them, "Driving a stake in next to you."
Me, "Why for art thou?"
Them, "To see if you're still moving."
Me, "Save your hammer Jack, I aint. Now Drop and give me 20 Cheetos!"
Hey, but my boys track team came in 1st out of 13 schools in last night's meet. That was cool. My guys ran well, not as well as they/could have/should have/would have, but they ran well. One of the parents said to me, "you have to take some credit for this, they are obviously a lot faster than they were."

Ok, I'll take a little, but I want more! Oh, not credit, progress, I want more progress, if my foot doesn't heel I'm going to have to live vicariously through these guys and darn it, I want to beat somebody, everybody, two-a-day practices.... next week, we are taking today off to celebrate our first big meet victory in more than 5 years. Feels good, real good.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day Five and I'm Still Alive

Last night, fun night, late night. Went to Dade City, San Antonio, Sait Leo, to run the Fort King Hill Kings. Nice crew there. Davo, the lovely Lisa, Candi, Becky, and our hosts, Julie and Eddie. They all ran, not me.. :( I hadda ride the bike. But it was fun (and easy :) riding next to them as they trudged (except Davo, he floated) up the hills and cruised down them.

I learned a couple of things, most people don't enjoy the hill workouts as much as I do, it seemed a little like work to them, and they liked it ok, but they weren't lovin it. And I learned, always carry a jacket. Don't matter, you should have one. It got a little chilly last night, and everyone busted out the jackets, but not me, I just put on two short sleeve shirts. I was chilly, but on day 5 I was alive!

Can't wait to run on Sunday though. I'll be home soon!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sedentary Life: Day Four

I had the urge this morning. I'm boring, it was just an urge to run. I walked the dawg and the air was still a little crisp, Harley wanted to jog, nope. I said a week, and I mean a week.... but I'm weak. I may have to run at Julie's tonight. I mean eveyone's gonna be there and my bike, it needs major work (well more than I can do on it today.) Hence, I may just have to run up there on Old Fort King Cole Road.

Oh, it'll be pool running. I'll be running in the pool, that's no impact, boring but great exercise. And it won't satisty my urges, but the urges must wait!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sedentary Life, Day THA-REE

Day one (Sunday) wasn't too bad. I got to be around the runners, hobnob and all that rot.

Day two, the pain is still evident, so it still felt like the right thing to kick back. Plus I was busy setting up my lesson plans and computer for the last 9 weeks of school.

Day three (Tuesday). Well, this is the day I usually run 4 at 4 AM and meet Becky and Davo for 5-6 miles and several brews in the evening. I reset my alarm for 4:40 AM but I woke up before it went off. I can't believe people sleep in until the last minute, don't you feel like you are trying to catch up all day? Ick, I can't do that. But, I am finding use for this extra non-running time. Well, there's this, more words, less wonderfully unsophisticated pictures.

There's going through the e-mails of people that can't believe Croom Fools Run filled up "so fast." People it filled on Friday, two weeks before the race. Man, if I'm planning to go 50 miles, I've sent in my race app a long time ago! I tried to sign up for Wasatch 9 solid months before the event and it was sold out! So, you gotta give me two weeks.

Still I'm going to gym tonight and then I reckon I'll still have one brew, not several (gotta watch the figure without the running you know.)

As for the foot, it still hurts like the Dickens (not you Pam, more like Charles in that story about the orphan, that was painful.)

I'll keep you posted, but all in all, I don't think the sedentary life is for me.
Oh, and one more thing.... How do you know when it's time to take a shower if you haven't run that day? So many things to learn about life on the outside!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Since I won't be Runnin' 4A Weak...

The Lovely Lynne and I went to see Alejandro Escovedo on Friday night. He hails from Austin, Texas, and he can sure sing and play that Guitar!

Driving over in the monsoon, proved worthwhile as Alejandro and his buddy Dave, flat out wailed and crooned the very receptive crowd at the Palladium in St. Pete. As I was watchin Al though, I couldn't help but think, "This guy reminds me of somebody." And then viola! it hit me like Taxes in April, it's him!

I want to call him Larry Sanders, but his name is Gary Shandling. Check them both out below.

And if you don't like this one, I say, tuff toenails, or something like that!

I have extra time on my hands when I'm not running, but I'll be home soon.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Heaven Helps those that Help Jim!

Today, my great friend, the Good Doctor, and I had a darn good time helping out Race Director/Promoter/Sponsor extraordinaire, Jim Hartnett at the Squiqqy Classic runs at Trout Creek.

Anytime you can help Jim out you really should. He's a wonderful guy, and he puts on fabulous races. Plus volunteering is a hoot! You get the race excitement without the sweaty clothes and muddy shoes!

I had a good time cheering on the runners as I handed them water. It's kind of hard to think of anything that doesn't sound dumb or condescending though. For the 5K our aid station was at 1.1 miles, shoot, they haven't even broken a sweat yet, so they should look great. As for the 15K, our station was at 7.3 miles. The leaders didn't want to hear from us, and the rest just wanted to be done. But we gave it a try. The Good Doctor is better at it than I am. She stuck to, "looking great" or "Way to go." I should have done the same.

I found out, "You're not almost there." While honest, isn't very motivating.
I found out, "You're doing great given your body type." While honest isn't very motivating.
I found out, I should probably just be in charge of filling up the cups and keep my yap shut!

Still, I had fun.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yoikes! Guess What?

Guess what Homey has:

Well, here are a few pix, to guide you:

And the wisdom in the world of running/exercise/foot care, says take anti-inflammatories (I'm down with that.) Also, some various stretches (I'm DWT there too), Taping (DWT), Roll foot on a frozen H20 Bottle (DWT), roll foot over a golf ball (DWT.)

So, no problem right?

'Cept there are also these gimics:

And the recommended 4-6 months off, of running. Yeah, I have only one thing to say to that cheese:

Yeah, I'm going to take the week off of running, but that's it. I've got a slam to complete, can't get ready for that by not running. Besides, I have a pain management system to deal with these little set back. I do the Nancy Regan thing with pain. I Just Say No! to pain.
Step One: Don't think about the pain
When step one proves ineffective
Step Two: Don't let the pain in. I know you're there, I hear you knocking, but I won't be letting you in.
When step two fails:
Step Three: Acknowledge the pain, but turn off the brains pain transmitters. Ok, it hurts, I get it, but I'm really too busy running right now, so I'll just turn off those sensors for now.
When step three fails:
Step Four: Cry. Then repeat steps 1-4.

Lot's tears for 200 days, I can do it, no problem! (Ok, maybe I'm a little worried)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Song of the Week #7

This one was easy, Under Pressure, I was out running and it just..... What do you mean no fair? What do you mean foul? Na, I'm just yanking the chain on your leg.

Today, I told myself, "Self, you've got to slow down hoss. You've been going to fast." My last long run pace, 26 miles, was at 10 mile pace. My last 10 miler was at 5 mile pace, and my last 7 miler was at 3 mile pace. Yoikes, but who do I think I am, Candi Ashley? I can't do that.

So, I s l o w e d w a y d o w n. And as I did so, I thought man, this is a slow ride, take it easy.

Thank you Foghat! (evidently, this song is way popular on Guitar Hero):

Makes me pretty darn glad that I generally run on the trail, knowhatimean? Reminds me a little too much of this, and once again, SuperDave, you aren't eligible to name that movie:

No pressure, I knew it would come to me.
By the way, the run was better too :-)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And Speaking of I, I wonder What...

I do wonder what inspiration will hit me on my morning run tomorrow for my song of the week.

You know that's a lot of pressure, (aw, jeez, if I'd have kept my trap shut, I could have used Under Pressure, but now you'll know that it wasn't inspiration while I was running. What a ....

Basic Garden Tool I am! Just can't keep quiet can I? Reminds me of the time, oh, I'm shutting up now!

Anyway, I never think the song will come to me, yet it always does. And I wonder, I wa-wa- wonder, what it will be? Cause right now, I can't Name that Tune!

The I

When training for Arkansas in 2006 I employed a motivational technique to keep me on track in my training. I was out for a long run one day and realized that I was spending mucho tiempo on negative energy. At times I would literally yell at myself to keep running (I guess that's what I do when there are no 10-Year Old kids around.) When I realized that I was going to be spending a lot of time alone I decided I should spend that time with someone that I loved, so I knew I had to start treating myself better.

What? Wait. Now he's talking about loving himself in the woods as motivation. What kind of story is this?

No, no, it's just about being kind to oneself.

Ok, I'll keep reading.

Anywho, when I realized that the negative energy was turning something I loved to do, trail running, into a negative experience, I thought of a way to employ positive motivation by rewarding myself with a letter of the name of the goal race with every exceptional or key workout while training for said race.

On Feb. 29 I received my I for In The Grand Slam. No, I didn't run that day. But as the good doctor (Dr. Candi Ashley) pointed out to me, lots of running needs lots of rest. And I knew she was right. When the realization came to me that my leap year was lucky not for the extra day of training in the year, rather for the extra day of rest. Then I realized, viola! the rest wasn't "Not Training," it was part of the training, and I did it exceptionally well on that day, so I knew I had the "I" for that workout!

So, if you rested exceptionally well recently, reward yourself with a letter, on me!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Later Today, Oh, There's an "I" in The Slam!

Later today, I got an I.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March Forth!

Today Is March 4th. My brother pointed out to me years ago that this is as much a command as it is a date. This year bro, you couldn't be more right!

I'll be Marching, soldiering on, towards the Slam. Every day, eyes on the prize, it's a journey. So, there's that.

Also, I'm starting to see the results of ground work laid in Cross Country season with my track team. The drag here is now, I've got to keep some of these cats going. I can't just accept that they are tired or couldn't make it to practice. Now that I see their potential, I want them to capitalize on it.

My boy, Peter G, now that I know he can achieve a fast time, I know what he needs to do to get there, and I know he can handle harder workouts. Of course, he wants to be the same lazy kid that started cross country hiding as much as he was running. He actually came to me yesterday and asked that revise his mile goal back up to 6 minutes. I'm like, "Whoa now son, you've already gone 5:47, now we have to shoot for 5:30 then down to 5:00 by year end." He actually said this, "But coach, that was really hard."

Oh, ok, just jog the next few meets and take two of these fast pills. Er, NO! Yes, it's hard, but Peter, I saw you run, I saw your joy, "No go March Forth!