Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And This is the Thanks They Get!

Saturday was the Croom Fools Race.

Sunday I volunteered all day at an adventure Race.

Monday I went camping with my BLF (she is the best! I am not lucky I am truly blessed)

I got back at Tuesday night.

I worked on race results all day today, aside from taking my daughter (I believe I mentioned that I am blessed!) to lunch and a movie.

Today I have track districts all day and night, I leave here at 9AM, hoping to be home by 11AM.

I really have to do some school work on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

I'm supposed to be on Easter Break. Man, I can't wait to get back to work, I need the resT!

Great news from the weary. I shared a little of the pre Croom race, "What's up with these guys?" correspondence, how about some of the post, attaboy race stuff. I actually got quite a lot of it this year, (thanks to my awesome partner Jim, I can do more with volunteers and PR stuff, that I'm so good at (har har). Anyway, here's my favorite of the attaboy letters from a 15-mile runner:

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much for putting on this race. It was honestly the most challenging race I have competed in since I started running 6 months ago. Save me a spot next year because I want a rematch!And a big kudos too all of the volunteers out there. They were amazing! Words cannot describe how supportive and sincere they all were. Hands down the best group crew I have ever met! If I had to squat down to rest---they offered a hand to pick me back up. If I drank all my water, they offered to re-fill my cup. I was honestly touched by how much they reached out to everyone. When you think you're running on empty, they'd say something encouraging which re-energized me for the next leg of the race.Thank you again--to everyone.

Not Bad huh? I already thanked them all on the ultra list, but still, AndyB, Becky, Patrick, Jim, Joe, David, Marc (he's a rock star!), June Bug (can't live without her!), Steve, Allen, Toni (always smiling, always helping!), Trudi, Hazel, Mary Beth (she Toni), Pete, EYA & Dan F, Dan M (you are the man!), I just want to give you all a hug, actually I'd like to throw you a party, but only Dan F got back to me, so I reckon yall don't want my beer and burgers, but that's ok too.

Hey, I may be busier than a stimulus package salesman right now, but still I have enough time to acknowledge the Boston gang that did come run at Croom. They were the most fun to have around and here they are. You guys, you made me laugh, and that's the best thing that can be said about anyone!
Alison, Adam, Mr Le (1st in the Asian Division!), Aimee, Aimee's not as aesthetic half (but what a great guy :), And the out of place old guy (me!) Thanks for spicing things up a bit!


Anonymous said...

Volunteers are just enablers. You are teaching trail runners to be wussies! A runner should carry everything HE needs for 50 Miles. The only help I need is the pizza-cheesecake guy at mile 54, and you weren't even running that far.

Thanks for turning my sport into the sport of queens!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

You had a great group of volunteers, that's for sure. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

If I ran your "race" I would have taken first in the Asian division instead of that hack from Beantown.

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

Good job, A-Man!

runsforbeer said...

Missed being at Croom this year. Looping in mud at McNaughton has nothing on looping in sand and Florida "hills". Sorry I missed our anniversary. We'll make up for it in just a month! Congrats to my favorite race director!

AndyMan said...

Not everyone can go without aid, and you're not Asian, you're Geek, er, I mean Greek, Salad boy. Thought I'd toss that at you.

Star, yes.

SuperD, weren't nothing, it was all jonny docs and the gang

AS, awe, thanks! you are the best. G.Scott Maxwell from LOST says so too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy"Wo"Man, how come I never see any pictures of you with hot women. Check out my blog you'll see hot women everywhere.

Yeah, those girls in your picture are cute, but your next to that sweet big guy. What's up (or is that a touchy subject?)

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Prof, er, I mean Dean, I hope that the theme I live is that I like people not "Just" beautiful women. Though if you have any extra laying around for a photo op, I'll get the Nikon ready.

And that big guy was really nice, gave me a beer and everything.

Anonymous said...

By the way, AGirl, I'll be at the Western States this year, and if my busy, manly schedule permits, I will run and I will kick sand on you, in a manly, smooth-shaven way!

- Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Gosh, I kinda hate to tell you this, but my race results are WAY off!

You have me finishing the 15M in 2:17:32 and 9th overall! Uhhh, yeah. EVERYONE knows that's not possible!

I should be right after Ilene, probably at 2:47:32. Thanks ;)

Chase Squires said...

Hey, Andyman, do you, like ...uh ... "run" anymore? WS is coming up, and so is the Wyoming Double Marathon (which everyone reading should know AndyMan has agreed to run, 52.4 miles in the Wyoming heat) ... so like, 'sup? You run anymore?

Lynne said...

Hello ? Anybody there ?

superdave524 said...

Back to work, Ange.