Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Egg McMathews

I ran this morning and it felt really good. No big surprise there, I've been running a lot more lately, and mostly it's been feeling pretty good. But this was a bit different because......

1. I ran 13.43 on Saturday

2. I ran Thirtysomething on Sunday (I'm going with 34, because that's the professor's age)

3. My legs had not felt too keen on Monday, so I wasn't sure how the recovery run would feel.

4. I woke up before the alarm went off and tried to talk myself out of the run even though my next 100 is exactly (ish) two months away, and one of those is a short month!

So, it was like older times, like better times.

It was like older and better times in more ways than one. After the run, I woke up my daughter and as I was giving her the choices for breakfast, Pop Tarts, Special K bar, cereal, breakfast burrito, or Egg McMathews. Ali said, "What in the world is an Egg McMathews?"

The Egg McMathews is the knockoff Egg McMuffin that mom used to make for Super Dave and I when we were kids. I always loved the Egg McMathews, it's kind of like my guacamole, it's not an exact recipe, we use what we have, but the Egg McMathews always has: An English Muffin, some type of cheese, an egg or egg-a-like, and a lot of TLC. Sometimes it has meat, sometimes a tomato. Today's version was English Muffin, Mozz-Cheese, and an egg fried well.

I must say, it was a perfect Egg McMuffin, and I think Ali liked it. But she did not like eating it as much as I liked making it. It brought me back to Mom making a dish that she had mastered and serving it with all the love in the world.
I'd trade it all, plus the girl down the road, for one more Egg McMathews! I Miss you Mom!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad I could be among the first to comment on your Re-Incarnated Blog. Yeah, I had an Egg Karnazes once, it was too tough to eat, like my quads!

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Holy Schmitz! I thought I had clicked on SuperDave's blog, and in the words of Dr. Frank, "Low and Behold!" it's YOURS!

So you were saying...?

AndyMan said...

Well, lookie, lookie, Dean and Star, two legends with one little post :-)

superdave524 said...

Glad to have my brother back. Here's my take on the EggMcMuffin.

AndyMan said...

Wow, aint that a kick in the head! I was seriously wondering if you remembered the Egg McMathews, obviously I worried needlessly!