Friday, November 12, 2010

Croom Zoom is On!

For those that have been asking for a 100 mile race in Croom we are ...... we are...... we are getting closer! The 100 miler will not be in 2011, but all signs point to go for 2012. The better news is, The Croom Zoom 50K/100K on either Jan. 15 or 16.

All the details haven't been ironed out yet, but the course will consist mostly of 4.5 mile loops in the Vortex at Croom. Space will be limited to 50 total runners. The price tag will be modest. There will be a BBQ to follow the event. There will be awards. It will be fun!

Greg, Steve, Chris, A1 and A2 can vouch for the value of training in the Vortex, and we are all eager to see how racing in the Vortex will go (here's a hint, find out which race Chris and Steve are doing and run the other! Those guys are just too fast!)


Mr. Matt said...

Hey, 15 already signed up! I may try to up the limit to 75. I'll let you know what the forest service says.

Also, the 100K will involve a 3.1 mile jog out to the trail, 14 x 4 mile loops.

Anonymous said...

A whole buncha short THERE'S an idea for a race.

-Stu Gleaman

runsforbeer said...

Sign me up!

Star said...

Sounds a little loopy to me.

Mr. Matt said...

Hey, Stu, an idea that good is worth stealing!

Now, if Runsforbeer is really coming in for the race, find out which she is doing and run the other, that girl is greased lightning! (I'll buy your entry AND your hotel if you come down, that is a stone cold promise, that's just for Alisa though, the rest of you are on your own, but we will have great rates!)

Anonymous said...

how do you sign up for the croom zoom 50k?