Thursday, January 5, 2012

House is in the House

Since I started this Blog in quest of the Grand Slam in 2008 (sadly, injury derailed me before I ever really got going) I thought I'd give you the update on the next Tampa Bay candidate for the Grand Slam, our own FUR David House.
House has much going for him in this quest. He's healthy. He's young (at 30 I have undergarments older than this whippersnapper!). And he's already experienced. Sub 22 hour finish in his first 100, the 2009 Vermont 100. A 25 hour finish at the tough, Honey I shrunk Western States, Pinhoti 100. And a gritty finish on a terrible day at the Kettle Morraine 100 in 2010. And most impressive, a sub 26 hour finish at the Mathews' stumping, Leadville 100. If you can complete Leadville, you can complete the slam..... If you are smart, and David is smart, very smart.
Dave is young, tough and motivated. I'm betting he completes the slam, and when he does..... I'm working on plans to join him as a slam finisher.............. eventually!!!!

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