Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gotta Keep on Keeping On!

Keeping on.

Ouch my foot hurts, feel sorry for me. Looking back it was whining and I'm sorry I did it.

So what? When I look back so what? I put a year of my life into the slam and I failed. I failed my body and my body failed me. It hurt, it hurt a lot. I shared, and yeah, I guess I whined.

My good friend Cindi, she has now survived breast cancer for 7 years. She in now a cancer survivor. She's also's been fighting ovarian cancer for 2 years now. She will never run 100 miles. She just wants to get into remission.

My good friend Greg just had 40% of one of his lungs removed. He developed tumors in one of his lungs while he was serving in our military over in Iraq. Greg wants to run Western States in 2010, and I'll be damned if I won't do everything I can to help him accomplish that goal.

Use your time wisely, try new things, love things besides work and money and stuff.

Sometimes you have to step back before you can see. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.


Chase Squires said...

Amen, bro.

In the words of underrated musician Jensen Bell: "Set fire to everything, that keeps your life from happening"

superdave524 said...

Fight Club: over a long enough period of time, the mortality rate for everybody is always 100%. It's good these folks are maximizing the present. Good you are, too.

Star said...

Of course I'm going to say first that I wouldn't view your season as a "failure" but a "learning experience..."

...from which you have clearly gained some insight into yourself (and others) along the way.

Ahhh, how I love to see self-actualization in action. Good for you, Aman.

runsforbeer said...

A wonderful reminder that running is just part of the journey
"I'm glad that it has taken me so long, cause it's the journey that's made me so strong."

Arlene said...

And I certainly hope that the journey never ends for any of us!

Chase Squires said...

Yo, you gonna post from time to time ;-)

superdave524 said...

Product, Brother. Product.