Monday, November 3, 2008

Broken Hearts and Healed Heals

Well, it aint all bad. She may have broken my heart, but she fixed my foot.

She got me doing this balance exercise, and it's working like no body's business! My foot feels better than it has in a year! The ice wasn't helping. The sock wasn't helping, the toe crunches, well, they were helping, but not this fast! I will be running by the weekend, how cool is that?

Very cool!

Sure, the exercises bring back memories of Ralph Machiccio and Pat Morita, but who cares.

Now, anybody got some exercises for a broken heart :-(


superdave524 said...

In the immortal words of James E. Kelly, Sr., "There's (sic) a lot of women I thought I couldn't live without. But I'm still livin'". Or as Spooky Tooth (they of one of the most politically correct album titles: 1973's "You Broke My Heart; so I Busted Your Jaw"- Hey, I didn't name it), I'm Alive.

AndyMan said...

Whoa, no jaw busting around here! Can't blame somebody for not loving you. Hey, she tried and turns out my charm wasn't well, er, a, that charming.

Still love and respect her though, and hey, she fixed my foot, what I ever do for her? Few flowers, so what!

Anonymous said...

Girly Man!
First, waiting for your heal to heal is a chick move. I once crawled, yes crawled the final 10 miles to win my first Western States 100.

Second, gotta love to love you baby. None of that, "ohhh, she broke my heart, boo hoo." This is a chick man, only a chick. Love yourself, and only yourself. As long as you look like me and are as talented as me, if not, then heck, go ahead and love me. But a chick.

What a wuss! Check ya later, I just got a new mirror, I may be gone for awhile.

-Dean Karnazes

Chase Squires said...

bourbon generally works pretty good.

runsforbeer said...

Well, staying free of romantic entanglements keeps me sane so I have no words of wisdom. I can, however, offer up a plan for Valentine's Day ( I know I will be single and bored..) How about a 118 mile jaunt around Lake Okeechobee? I think I will need a crew and I promise I can be as charming and as bitchy during the race as any woman you might dare to date!

AndyMan said...

You need a crew, I'm like your fingers and toes, you can count on me, but I aint testing the foot for 118 miles on that pavement!

Chase Squires said...
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The Professor said...

Cool...your foot will be all better just in time to pace me at Ancient Oaks.

AndyMan said...

Prof, you're on. As many laps as you want. Oh, it'll be a hoot!

Star said...

The Heart-Repair Calculator (from

Time is the great healer. But how long will it take? After much study, this is the best formula for getting an estimate:

Short relationships (3 MONTHS OR LESS)

1. count the number of weeks that you knew the person before the relationship turned romantic, and then divide this number by 2

2. count the number of weeks that you were romantically involved

3. add-up A and B

4. count the average number of days per week you saw him/her during the romance, and divide this number by 2

5. multiply C and D - that's how many weeks it will take to begin feeling normal

AndyMan said...

There you go! Now I know exactly how long (course do we take into account that we REALLY liked the person? And we've known her for a LONG time? And she's really cute?)

But you guys make it easier, really.