Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, What's Next?

Now that the two year odyssey of Western States is over, I'm asking: What's Next?

Well, the next big goal is Umstead on the last Saturday in March. I want/need to run that race in under 24 hours, I'd love to run it well under 24 hours. I've got to have a run with my good buddy Woody to clear my head. See a couple of years ago Woody was all down and out, he'd had a couple of DNF's in a row and was wondering, "Is it over?"

Well thank the good Lord, no it wasn't over for Woody, he's reeled off a string of finishes since he's last DNF at Vermont in 2007. He's flat nailed, Rocky, Umstead, Vermont, bang, bang, bang. I'm sure I've left some out, but the point is, he's been back and doing great.

I went from being 11 and 0 in 100 milers to 11-1 and now, I don't know what to call WS. Maybe I'm 11-1-1. I'd like to call it a finish, but really, I didn't complete the course in the time frame, and well, I liked what I did, but while I can count it as a personal success, I was not successful in the race. I can admit that (ouch!) already in trouble at Cougar Rock, mile 12.............................

So, now I set up for Umstead, it's far enough out that I have time to get in tip-top shape, but it's too far out to keep me interested, so I need some intermittent goals. I'm open.

Send me your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea, Get some quads! and while your at it, check into plugs.

-Dean Karnazes

The Professor said...

I was throwin' around the idea of Umstead (again) in 2010 as well. Keep me posted on your plans.

Star said...

Umstead? about Kettle Morraine in June?

superdave524 said...

You're open? Well, then, here: I'm throwing you the football.

AndyMan said...

I'm open.

Star, aren't you in Europe or something? And I'm doing KM100, if some others are, but Umstead first. That's fo' sho' prof.

And Dean, should I get the "Jet-Greek" plugs?

Star said...

Uhh, yeah. They DO have internet access in the Old Country.

I bet we can get a group together for KM. Let me get through IMS first, then I'll start recruiting for KM :)