Friday, July 17, 2009

Vermont, Here we Come!

Well today I make my 6th trip to Vermont. I have run the race 4 times and this is my second trip as a pacer. I can't wait.

And my BLF takes this as a very good sign, I really wish I was running the race. I'm all kinds of antsy. I feel I could go up there and give it a great go, I really feel confident that I could finish; however, I am up there to crew and pace Patrick and Andy B, and that is what I shall do!

But, it's good to have a little eye of the tiger back! I have a creed to be a survivor!


Anonymous said...

A man ain't nuffin' if he don't beleebe in hisself.

- Rocky.

superdave524 said...

You're a Pacer? Well, then, Go, Team!