Thursday, September 9, 2010

Croom Zoom Talk

Hey, It's time to start the chatter again!

The Croom Zoom 100 and 100K is happening, darn it!

Now, in January 2011, it may have to be low key, it may have to be a Phat A$$, it may have to even be unauthorized, but it's happening! Shoot since we are now supposed to get permits even for our overnight runs, how much harder will it be to get a permit for 150 of us to run overnight? I'm thinking we can do it!

I'll keep you posted.

Croom Zoom, The Florida Panther 100, The Croom 100, The Dill-a-Dillo Armadillo 100, the Florida 100. It's happening!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should name it after what you look like when you run at night...The Andy Mathews Memorial 100.

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

If Body by Budweiser is directing that race then it will definitely classify as a fat ass!!! I'll still time it though and all I want in return is 2 nights in the Days Inn and a few hundred dollars.

-Mike Melton

Mr. Matt said...

Mike, Dean, come on guys, you're both invited. And Mike, you know the nutrition is going well, it's body by Bud Lite now!

By the way, I applied for the permit today 1/15/2011!

runsforbeer said...


Star said...

Chase is right: There is never a break in training for ultras. But how could I pass up 100 in January?

In the words of Wreckx-N-Effect, "All I wanna do is Zooma-Zoom-Zoom-Zoom at a Croom Croom..."

Mike said...

Croom Zoom 100 sounds like a winner! But that Anonymous who's putting words in Mike Melton's mouth better find some other words - Mike's already booked to work local races that weekend. A-Man should warm up his powers of persuasion - and open up his checkbook ;-)!

The 'Real' Mike Melton