Friday, September 24, 2010

Ndrew, Pples, Lligtors & Cptin Meric!

Last weekend I did not get a letter. Oh, my workouts were fine, but there was nothing special there, I could have run faster, I should have run farther. Letters are only for going above and beyond, not for just getting it done.

With a better attitude I would have earned a letter on Tuesday when Davo and Jon and I ran 6 miles in 45 minutes (that 7:30 per mile for 6 miles) I haven't done that since 2004. Why no letter? Because I whined and I cut a corner or two. AndyMan, just buck up and enjoy the experience and you're that much closer to success, you bonehead!

Ok, I'm running out of time to spell out Pinhoti Trail 100 (I'm at Pinhoti Tr---) so I have to get a letter this weekend. I'm running up in the hills of Clermont, here's my plan for Sunday. 20 miles. 1st 10 mile loop nice and easy, 2nd loop, charge the hills, no walking the ups, finish the loop in less than 100 minutes (that's under 10 min. miles). Come on how can I be the A Man if I've lost my A?


superdave524 said...

Was that alligator smoking a cigarette? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Alligator smoking? Let me tell you about a smokin' Gator. I crushed one with my massive quads. Then I smoked him and made jerky out of his ribs and some swanky running shoes out of his hyde!

But that's me, I'm

-Dean Karnazes!

Star said...

I thInk you wILL eArn A Letter or two next weekend. And If you come bAck out And run wIth June And me to the fInIsh LIne, you cAn eArn ALL of your remIAnIng Letters!

Mr. Matt said...

See Dean, why can't you be nice like Star (hey, you could work on being pretty too! Zing, I know that hurt since you spend more on Nair and Hair Gel than any other woman I know!)

Although, I must say, I'd like to see those Alligator running shoes, all I've seen are Gator Crocs, and that is too confusing to me!

Anonymous said...

A Ha. Dean got zinged by Body by Budwiser!

Mike Melton

Mr. Matt said...

I love ya man, and I'm still planning on helping out at Ancient Oaks, but I'm telling you, it's body by Bud Lite now!