Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time to Update the Ipod

You guys have always been good to me in the song department.

It's time to get Rocky Roads 100 off the Ipod and Sturgis, South Dakota's Blackhills 100 music on the Ipod.

Send me song names, send me songs, send me 8-tracks. Regardless, it's time to update!


Star said...

My top bands right now:

Chevelle: "Still Running"
Black Keys: "Tighten Up"
Muse: "Time is Running Out" (live)

Anonymous said...

Thnks Andrea.

I'll be downloading those legally straight away :)

Andy M

runsforbeer said...

TV on the Radio : "Wolf Like Me"
Spoon: "Underdog"
Arcade Fire: "Ready to Start"
The National: "Mr. November"
Vampire Weekend: "Giving Up the Gun"
Josh Ritter: "Rattling Locks"

Have fun ;-)