Sunday, July 3, 2011

God, I Hope this is Real!

Jeez, I gotta say, I hope this comeback is real!

See, I just got back from South Dakota where I laid an absolute egg in my try for 100 miler #17. I sabotaged my own arse. What a buffoon! Ok, ok, ok, I got out there a week before the race. Good right? I could acclimate to the altitude and all that rot. Well, not so good. See, I got drunk like 4 times the week leading up to race. Yeah, that's my year's quota, used the week before a 100 mile run. The Thursday before Saturday's race I stayed at the Casino in Deadwood until after 1 am drinking. People, I'm here to tell you that is NOT a recipe for success! What a tool!

Anyway, I got back and I sulked. I bitched, and today I went out with my good friend Amy, and ran 7 miles, and it was fun. And I'm excited about running again. And I'm excited about IntheSlam again!

Look out Heartland. The Andyman is going to start his 50th year with a dead bang! It's gonna be a Jailbreak! The A-Train is going to roll again!

No more of these boners leading to the race!


Star said...

Toot toot! The Wagon just rolled into town...hop on board!

Mr. Matt said...

I'm on it baby!

Anonymous said...

He said Boner! Hehe


superdave524 said...

Dig the sign. Reminds me of a Similar One in Round O.