Friday, October 31, 2008

The Loneliness Of Ultra Running

Because, the loneliness of the long distance runner was already taken.....Nice little piece of info came across the computer the other day. Andy Barrett, whom many know and all who know love, just ran his 10,000th mile. Wow! Way to go A2! And he ran them all looking so good (I wonder if he's ever had a run like I did on my B'day? The kind where well, er, well, let's just say farts aren't supposed to have lumps, I wish I'd have known that!)

Anyway, a name from the way far back, Ruben Rodriguez e-mailed Andy saying, you should have some buddies come out and run that 10,000 th with you.

Should he have? Gee, I don't know, we run so many miles alone, perhaps it's fitting we cross that line alone. In 2000 I decided I was going to run 2000 miles. I crossed that milestone on New Year's eve on 2000 running my regular route in my then neighborhood. That was really cool, and when I look back and read that log it was neat.

Yet on the other hand (there's my sex-life, but that's another story) we run many events, birthday runs, Croom and Que's with company. And Company is cool too.

Well, regardless, Andy, I was there with you. I mean I really was. Great Job, I am proud of you Brother! Way to Go! Way to Go!


AndyMan said...
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Anonymous said...

A2, I'd be a little more impressed, but I ran 10,000 miles on the way to my last race! I still beat everyone, I still met the pizza guy on the road and I still ran back home in time to be a loving father, and I never wore a shirt once!

Just saying.

-Dean Karnazes

Chase Squires said...

I quote Tom Hanks, from the vastly underrated film Joe Versus the Volcano ... "There are certain times in your life when I guess you're not supposed to have anybody, you know? There are certain doors you have to go through alone."

Star said...

Wait a many of you have counted every mile you've ever run? Armando asked me the other day how many miles I think I've run, and I told him I can't count that high. Its probably not 10,000 but who the hell knows.

Here's to the lonely runners!

superdave524 said...

I'm pretty sure I've eaten 10,000 hamburgers.

The Professor said...

I ran 10,000 meters is easier in the metric system.

AndyMan said...

I've run about 2,000 miles a year since 1992. That's gotta be pretty close to 10,000 (no offense A2, but it might be a tick more :)