Monday, April 26, 2010

Running all Night

This weekend was our Croom Night Run.

It was a lot of fun. We had not one or two crazy folks out there, but count 'em:

Andy, Andy, Andrea, Jon, John, Becky, Tracy, Traci, Wendy, Justin, Frank, Steve, and Mo.

That is a baker's dozen (Unless you have my baker, then there would be 9, "screw him, he doesn't need two Andy's, and two Tracy's, take back one of those Jon's too! But, my guy is cheap!) 13 people to run from 8pm Saturday night till 8am Sunday morning.
I guess I have a lot of friends that don't have much of a life! "Say dear, would you like to go to the Theatre on Saturday night?" No way, I'm going to Croom to swat at bugs, drink luke warm Gatorade and try to bogart one of A2's PB & J's!

"Hey hon, that new place with the Pizza Shooters just opened, you want to try that Saturday night?" Nope, I'd rather run 50 miles in the dark with 12 other people!

"Sugar-babe, what do you say about checking out that all-you-can-eat breakfast place over on Main Street? It's only 2.95 from 6 - 9 on Sunday morning!" I told you, I am running through the night, with a lamp on head on barely marked trails, eating completely gross foods, while listening to stories that I've heard 100 times!

Yet, just try to find 3 other people with whom to play cards. You'll have to postpone at least twice. 13 people, no lives, it was another great night!


Anonymous said...

So, how many falls did we have? I know I fell 4 times, so does that mean the group fell 50 times? 4 x 13 = 50 :)

Mr. Matt said...

I think the actual total was only 10 falls, your 4, Traci Cole 1(that one drew blood!), Jon 1, Andy B 1, Andrea 1 (she always falls at least once), and I don't remember the other two.

I do remember Andrea guessed correctly with 10 (I had 16, but then I didn't fall, and I was good for 3 last time, and we didn't have Dan Miller, he had 4 last time). Anyway Andrea won the contest, so we have to each give her $100. Just send it to me, I'll make sure she gets it!

superdave524 said...

Very Cool.

Star said...

YES! YES! Send me $100!!!

I fell even though I had a safety bubble around me. I guess I'd better get a bigger bubble.

Anonymous said...

Wait. I just realized something. 13 X 4 is not 50. 50 is 5 x 10. Sorry about that :)


Anonymous said...

50, 52, 53? Who cares! Did you run 6 minute miles and eat pizza while you did it? No, well, kiss my chips!

-Dean Karnazes