Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trailing the Pack

Saturday was a great and fun run for me! I felt ever so much better than I did on Friday's trudge around Croom.

David House, Lisa, Dan the Man, and I started early, at 5:20 AM. Problem was, I had planned on starting at 5 AM, so my plan to meet the Professor and Lindsay was thwarted by our late start. I thought I'd take a short cut back to the parking lot to meet them by 6:30, but I got a bit greedy with the amount I wished to chop off of the 8 mile 50K loop. My short cut ended up being about 3 miles longer than the regular loop would have been. Hence, not only did I miss the Prof and his better 1/2, but I missed the 3 with whom I'd been running as well leaving me solo for the rest of the morning.

I used my solo status to explore some areas at Croom with which I was not familiar. It was a blast. I ran some, I walked some, I was slow, I was fast, I was half-fast.

Running is fun again. Yippee!


Mr. Matt said...
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superdave524 said...

Half-fast? Oh, that's rich!

Star said...

Sorry I missed it. But the Blues Fest on Saturday and ocean kayaking on Sunday helped recover my spirit, if nothing else.

See you in the trails this weekend!

Anonymous said...


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