Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ready, Set, Yahtzee!

Ready, Set, Yahtzee!

Kettle Moraine, it’s less than two weeks from where the clock sits right now. Am I ready? You betcha, you betcha, you bet!

And you are asking yourselves, and “how does that make you feel Andy?”

It makes me feel great. See, I’m not expecting a repeat of Umstead, I was beneficiary of perfect weather (we won’t have that), the two best pacers money can’t buy, and of no expectations. It was an unexpected homerun for me. Umstead was the nicest welcome back that ever came in a palindrome (21:12 is to racing what "Madam I’m Adam" is to pick-up lines according to the Professor!).

But, will I be successful? I believe I will. I’m going in healthy and well trained. And this morning I felt like I could run forever. The key to your last significant run before the race is, I believe, make it short and make it slow. Hold back so when you are done, you feel like, “Wow, I could have run twice that far!” Not only did I feel great, but I ran with two beautiful ladies, thank you Becky and Rhonda, for keeping me pace appropriate and keeping me entertained. So, Becky, Jon, Tracy, A2, Judy, Patrick, Andrea, Julie, Adam, Lindsay, and the rest; if you haven’t had the perfect last run yet, go run a slow one on me!

So, what am I looking for at Kettle? If it’s hot, anything under 24 will do. If it’s pleasant, I would love to go sub-22. Mostly I just want to have a good time and see my friends do well :)


Star said...

The weather may not be "perfect," but it will be "pleasant" according to The Farmer's Almanac. Please focus on that for the next two weeks.

You are gonna roll five of a kind at Kettle Moraine, Andy!

Anonymous said...

Kettle actually sets up like a large straight followed by a small straight. But there is a "Chance" I'll throw a Yahtzee! As will you Star, as will you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Roll is what you will do, with that, "Body By Budwiser!"

Here's a Palindrome for you:

Ok, so I'm not really sure how this works. Unlike my "racecar" which can beat your Fit any day!

-Dean Karnazes

Mr. Matt said...

Hey Dean, Racecar actually is a Palindrome, congrats.

Star, five of a kind? Why that's a Yahtzee!

Anonymous said...

Another one:


I'm getting good at this. WOW (and again, thanks!)

-Dean Karnazes