Friday, May 21, 2010

What the F?

Letters. I had forgotten how useful they can be. This is something that it was not good to forget.

I used to know that without the Letter H we would be up Sit creek! I used to know that without H Popeye would have given us, "Enoug is Enoug and Enoug is too muc!" No power there.

What am I talking about? Well, I used to do this thing in training where I would award myself a letter towards spelling the name of the event I was training for after completing a key workout. For instance, when I first cracked the top ten at Arkansas in 2006, during training when I ran really well or added on mileage, I gave myself an A. Then next time an R, and after my training was Complete, I spelled Arkansas Traveller. I had a lot of key workouts over time.

Then I got injured, failed at the Slam, and now I just run. No wonder I suck these days. My training is not to the letter. When I used Key workouts I was a motivated specific, now I'm a wandering generality.

Time to get back to the letter of the law of training! Too, late for Kettle, guess I can't retire just yet, I have to try this again. . .


Star said...

What the *H* R U talking about? U R outrunning pretty much everyone. All U need is a Starbucks double shot, and U will B good 2 go!

Mr. Matt said...

Starbucks Double Shot, Arr Arr!

But you can see where planning, doing and rewarding good workouts can help, right?

Dr. OB said...

'ello my friend...was just tinking about you and figgered I'd say "oy!" 'ope all is well in tampa and i'll be in your neck of the woods from July 10-20ish (can't say "th")...get your ass to training.

Star said...

What are you talking about, positive reinforcement? Put your brain on va-ca and just run. "You'll be fine."

Anonymous said...

I award myself a letter for every good workout that I have. In fact, last weekend I had so many good workouts that I was able to spell deoxyribonucleic acid.

-Dean Karnazes