Monday, May 3, 2010

Rest and Nutrition, Seriously?

Rest and nutrition matter.

Really? Seriously? No Schmitz? Duh?
No Duh!

I know yall believe it, but do you believe it? Has it hit home with ya?

This weekend I was all set to be a running God. I was the lone male running at Croom with 4 beautiful ladies. I was all set to show them how a "real man" runs. It was going beautifully for quite a while. I led them on the 4-Mile Withrow Loop, they were not familiar with this one, so I showed them the way. Next we set out for the 15 mile orange loop and I happily led the way. I felt good, I felt strong and I'm pretty sure I was being revered by those lovely ladies 4. I was on cruise control, for 12 miles .....

Then the weekend caught up with me. Friday, work all day, chaperone an all night field trip to Universal Studios. Home at 4 AM Saturday. Sleep by 4:30 AM. Up at 6 AM, to Alifia State Park by 7 AM. Work Adventure race from 7 AM - 7 PM on Saturday. 7 - 8 PM two beers with Jim at Applebees (I do like my two-fers!). Home at 9 PM. Asleep by 9:30. Meet my gals at 4:45. Meet more at 5:30 AM, start run at 5:40 AM on Sunday.

Oh, I finished the run, but those last 7 miles I felt like a guy that had been ingesting nothing but chips, cookies, cold pizza, soda, and a sip or two of water. Furthermore, I ran like a guy that had 7 hours of sleep over two days.

For this week I vow to eat a nutritionally sound diet and get some quality rack time. Because you can't be a running God if you are living like a pagan party plodder!


Star said...

Hmmm, this novel idea doesn't make much sense to me. But you might be onto something there.

Maybe you could write for a sports journal or nutrition magazine about your epiphany...I bet you could make millions selling advice like that!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if there are millions to be made, I'll make them! Henceforth, keep your good advice to yourself! Better yet, e-mail the good advice to me (

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

From this point forward the www will not officially be the dww...The Dean Wide Web. This I command!!


Mr. Matt said...

Hey Dean, what color is the sky in your world?

Just asking. And while I'm asking, what did you do with our buddy Chase? We miss him!

superdave524 said...

Dean Kar-Nasty, is more like it (okay, I have no idea. Still...)

Anonymous said...

Dean, you got served! oh, Dean, SuperDave dunn told you!

--Pam Reed