Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ark-CAN and DID- Saw!

Images from Arkansas. Shoot let's not call it Ar-Can-Saw, let's call it Ar-DID-Saw.
Ok, anybody that's been hanging out with the FU Runners lately knows a few things:

1- Andy Barrett is running out of his mind (and he's getting married by a prime number above 1, so he's plain out of his mind!)
2- Andrea is tough as a two-dollar steak!
3- Woody is fast, tough, and ageless
4. If June and Trudy had a generosity contest, it would be called a draw in extra-innings as they kept trying to give the award to each other.

I don't know what there is to say about the race. It was an honor to run with Andy Barrett. We are so very proud of Andrea and her gutsy effort. A 2-Hour PR, but I didn't run with her, so I can't really speak on her race. Happily, she'll write a race report about it, and it will be poetic! But running with Andy was a personal highlight in my running career. I wish we could bottle the effort he put into that race, because it was incredible. My boy had to be tired! My boy's legs had to be screaming. Yet he never complained, not once. He did; however, darn near drop me several times, even though I ran only 36% of the race with him. It got to where we just ran. Up hill, down hill, flats, rocks (ok, maybe not so much on rocks), we ran, then we ran some more.
We also took a little time to turn off our lights and enjoy some AMAZING stars. What a clear beautiful night!

How did my boy run so fast? I don't know. I picked him up at mile 66 and he was in eighth place out of 100 starters. We quickly passed one guy, only 6 more in front of us. Coming out of Powerline, we passed two more, only 4 more in front of us. We spent the next 25 miles trying to track the guy in fourth down. Funny, Andy never even seemed to be thinking about those behind (turns out the next finisher after him was more than an hour back), he was dead focused on the guys in front of us. We kept checking the progerss of #4, and we were gaining on him. 15 minutes, 13 minutes, 9 minutes, then 5 and then 3 separated Andy and the other dude. Finally at the last aid station, Pumpkin Patch, we had whittled the lead down to 1 minute, and I got my first glimpse of the fella, and it was really just a glance, because when he saw our lights and heard the aid station workers cheer us, he took off like a scalded hound, and we didn't see him again until we were recovering in the finish area. That guy had some giddy-up.
Any way, I was really impressed. Andy held 5th place and a 2-hour PR.
Andrea finished 2.5 hours under the cut-off and a 2-hour PR.
Woody was running so smoothly and on 24 hour pace, when his stomach sabotaged him at mile 58, and he was pulled from the race.
June and Trudy once again showed their incredible generosity in crewing and driving all over EBF-Arkansas. June, picked me up and dropped me off at the airport. Trudy took Woody and I back to pick up the cars in more Easterly BF-Arkansas after the race.

I am so privileged to know you all and run with you. It was truly incredible. Way to go, way to go!


superdave524 said...

You guys are amazing. Nice report.

Star said...

When you said there were rocks, you didn't say there was 100 MILES OF ROCKS!!!

Anyway, that A2 is simply amazing. You two had a stellar performance...and you even had time to stop for photo shoots and pumpkin pie!

After this run, I can't wait to see how you do at Pinhoti.

Chris M said...

Hmmmm... you may have a shadow a Pinhoti.


Mr. Matt said...

Dave, you're getting married at 1/2 century, now that's amazing!

Star, amazing, let's see, that's pretty much you. Handsome, Happily married, and a 2-hour PR. As for Rocks, I was pretty clear on that, now you know why I wasn't so sympathetic after Rocky Racoon.

Chris, It'll be hard to be a shadow when you are 12 miles ahead of me! I could barely keep up with A2, I don't think I can hang with those legs that are barely 2 decades old. That said, if you run over 24 hours at Pinhoti I'll be waiting on you at the finish!

superdave524 said...

Remarriage, they say, is the triumph of hope over experience.