Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Letters are all gone, My belly isn't

A recent comments from our good buddy Dean Karnazes (hey Dean, love the hair!) prompted this post.

Dean's right, I've just got to get in shape. I'm just heavier than I was a few years ago. Hey, I'm happy with my progress in the last three months, down from gigantic to a little large. Big Milestone for me the other day at the Doctor, I actually weighed under 180 with some clothes on on a doctor's scale. (I would have done the normal strip down routine, but I didn't think the other people in the lobby would appreciate it!)

Anyway I have taken drastic steps in the direction of reduction. Until after Pinhoti, NO BEER. Until after Pinhoti, NO SWEETS. Until after Pinhoti, NO WINGS. Aw, these are a few of my favorite things. Hey, I may even save a few ducats. On Tuesday when our little Dark Runners running club met at the House of Brews, my tab for my water and lettuce with no dressing was a fiver. I flipped her a ten-spot and said, "Keep the Change!" It was still cheaper than a night with the sauce.

After Pinhoti, just be healthy.

My goal, next time I see Mike Melton he won't say, "Body By Budwiser," He won't even say, "Body by Bud Lite," He'll say, "Hey, Body by Crystal Lite, now I know how you broke 24 hours at Pinhoti."


Chris Mottola said...

No excuses. That belly will come in handy after mile 70, we all know it's your secret weapon. Drink more beer, the bigger the better.

Mr. Matt said...

Have no Fear, I will drink plenty of beer.... on Nov. 7 after I have beaten that Pinhoti race. Yeah then....

runsforbeer said...

WOOT!!!!! Another outstanding 100 mile finish. I hope to hear all about it soon ;-). You rock!!