Friday, October 8, 2010

I dIdn't say It, but I got an I!

I Didn't say it, but I picked up a Letter in Arkansas. Yep I, got my last I.

As of now, I'm at Pinhoti Trai_. It's like Christmas around here No L! Get it, No L (noel, get it!) har har.

Why should I get a Letter because Andy Barrett is a beast? Hey, 36 miles at night and I had to use a few motivational methods. (Move it sh*t head, I have a life to lead! Nurturing stuff like that :)

Anway, now that I'm tapering, letters are going to be tough to get, but I figure to pick them up through diet and exercise. I only need the L, the 100 will come from the number of miles I finish in Alabama. If I run 72 it's Pinhoti Trail 72, if I make it all the way it Pinhoti Trail 100. If I run extra, well, that'd be ok too!

Almost there, yep, almost there.


Chris Mottola said...

And it won't come soon enough!See you at John Holmes tomorrow?


Mr. Matt said...

Saw you! Nice run Chris!

superdave524 said...

No L? I don't celebrate X-Mas until Halloween, yo.

Michelle Barton said...

Rock the Pinhoti Andyman!!!
Tear it up!! You were born for 100's.
Luv u, MB