Friday, April 8, 2011

Fierce New Family Member

There is a new resident at my humble abode in Seminole Heights. My good and great friend Tracy, turned me on (how I wish the sentence stopped there!) to a lost dog. A beautiful, sweet, loving, medium sized mixed breed, 1-2 year old puppy. I don't know what her breed is, but who cares?

Thing is, I was just looking at rescue dogs this weekend and just couldn't pull the trigger. But when I found out Sasha Fierce needed a home, I knew it was right.

It's only been two nights, but she's slept quietly and hasn't chewed anything. She has had no problem running with me either. We started at 2 miles, which we've done twice, and she could easily have gone faster and farther.

I think it's the beginning of a wonderful friendship! Ok, so who wants to watch her while I'm Colorado June 17 - June 27?


Star said...

That is awesome...CONGRATS! Will we meet Ms. Fierce tomorrow?

superdave524 said...

Very Jimmie-esque. I definitely approve.

Mr. Matt said...

Jimmy-esque except this one, sadly for her, can't reproduce.

Kylie said...

I'm catching up on posts I missed... but I love her! And she is probably the same breed as my two: runner dog!