Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Test

April 1. I love it. I love it much more than Ken Methanny ever did. Poor sap gets shot every year. Guy oughtta move out of Town and Country man. When April 1 falls during the week I give an April Fools test in Psychology. I get them every year. The test is impossibly long with the first page being dead serious. There are some clues on the second page, by the third page the answers don't even make any sense. By the fourth page the students that haven't given up start laughing, then rolling. Question 21: The DSM IV is: a. My Brother David Scott Mathews IV b. Deviant Sadist and Masochist Manuel volume 4 c. A Manual of Diagnostic and Statistical Mental Disorders d. Disorganized Saliva Mastication (Drooling and chewing on the spit) e. All of the above (most people get this one right!) This year's crop weren't too happy with me. They were pissed. "I was really trying! " "I can't believe I did all that work!" But you get a 100%! When's the last time you did that? "Yeah, but I would have gotten that even without trying." Gee sorry, I thought a free A and a little chuckle were things. And so did the last class. As Steve Martin would have said.... Well ExxCUUUUse ME!


superdave524 said...

I am the DSM, thankyouverymuch, and I approved of this message.

Star said...

Geesh! They're acting like a bunch of high schoolers.