Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Was Shot, and I Liked it!

Hey, I'm not kidding, on Monday I got shot!

No, no, not this kind of shot:
Rather it was this kind of shot.Listen; I hate shots. I am using the word HATE about shots. I may not hate them as much as SuperDave does; he once just walked out of Doctor Dailey's office instead of taking the injection, mom later found him wandering Davis Island some 3 miles away, yeah, he was about 10. Still I hate shots.

Two examples: #1 after SuperDave's splitsville thing, I decided shots weren't all that mondo jovial, so I tried to be cool, but it was no use, I was putting up a fight.... it took about 6 nurses, not exactly supermodel slim ones either, to hold me down and administer the medicine.

#2 After Becky pushed me out of that tree in Land o Lakes and they loaded me in to the helicopter, the paramedic (medic that jumps out of planes, I guess) asked, "Hey bud, you look like you're in bad shape, do you want some morphine?" Now you've fallen 22.5 feet and a tree landed on you, you are in a medivac helicopter on your way for 6 hours of surgery, who wouldn't want a shot..... er, me, that's who! "No, I'm fine, no morphine for me." Paramedic, are you sure, I mean, your arm is messed up and you look white as Michael Jackson?" "Nope, I can make it. says I!" Listen you're probably in shock, you probably need the morphine." Me telling it like it is, "It's not that I don't want morphine, I just really don't like shots!" Helicopter dude, "Oh, we give it to you in an IV." Me, "Bring it on, bring it on, Sweet Jesus, bring it on!" I love IV's!

So, no you know how much I hate shots. Well, I called the doctor, "Doctor, I need the shot."

Doctor Foot, "I been waiting on your call."

Me, "yeah, thing is, I hate shots, I am using the word hate about shots."

Doctor Foot, "I understand, but really it doesn't hurt."

"Whatever, I hate not running more than I hate shots, it's worth a try."

And guess what, Doctor Foot was not lying, it didn't hurt at all. This morning was my first post shot run, and it didn't hurt, sucker was numb, I know that. I know it probably isn't a cure, but damn, it felt good to run pain free.

Thank you Doctor Foot, I had forgotten that I actually do like to run! I just hope it gets me through the Rocky Mountain Oyster Double Marathon and that the next one gets me through Western States!


Anonymous said...

You know A-Man, I guess I don't really care if you ever run again, it's not like you are fast, you will never beat me, ever. Run if you want, watch TV, eat healthy chips, no difference, the world goes on and on.

Get your shot, get all your shots, you are just postponing your impending retirement.

-Dean Karnazes

Chase Squires said...

Hmm, maybe you're just sore from, I dunno, running 50+ miles on a paved track last weekend?

Hey, relax, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Double Marathon is on unpaved trails ... mostly. Except for the paved part. Next to the Interstate.

The Oyster, that's what they call me. .... Oy, my feet hurt; Oy, my back hurts; Oy, I need a beer ... Look, it's The Oyster!

AndyMan said...

Dean, yeah, that was a little less than cheery, may be accurate though. We'll see.

Chaser, that track was elevated and rubberized. It was the softest track I ever did run on, still it was harder than the trails.

As for the Oy-ster, I likey

Star said...

+1 to what Chase said. What kind of dufass runs 12-hours on a track, even if it is cushy?

That said, did Becky REALLY push you out of a tree? And more importantly, why in the name of all that is holy would you turn down morphine???

superdave524 said...

Good job on taking the needle, Broheim. Our shot-phobia is well documented, but phobia is what it is, rather than a rational fear. Maybe we (or you, anyway) CAN be taught (and taut).

AndyMan said...

Star, Becky actually pulled me out of the tree. And I explained why I turned down the drugs intially, I thought they was gonna shoooot me! I don't like getting shot! You'll never ever catch me hunting with Dick Cheney!

Star said...

I'm telling you that Graston is less painful and expensive than drugs...

superdave524 said...

Product, please.

Star said...

Did you REALLY get shot???

superdave524 said...

I'm informed and believe that A-Man needs a new modem, but that one is on the way.

Anonymous said...

From now on, I will be writing this blog, with just my massive, smooth quads.

- Dean Karnazes

Dr. OB said...

Shots, smots...if you can run 100 miles you can suck it up to get a little prick (that's what she said). Do you know what hemophiliacs and virgins have in common?.....

One prick and it's all over.
Thank you...i'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waiters and waitresses.