Monday, May 11, 2009

Miles for Morefitt

A2, Patrick, E, P, Kathleen, the June Bug, Dan, BLF (and BLF's BYC's, beautiful young children), Don, Joe, Mo, Sandra, John Wilson, Ann, Linda, Star, Ryan, Pete, Mary Beth, two guys named Fred, and the 14 others I forgot.

It was great spending the night with you at the USF track!

205 laps around the O-Val for me. 246 (that they counted anyway for A2) Joe, no one knows he turned in to butter before they could finish counting his. Mo, she was machine-like. Patrick, he ran so long, he turned a year older!

That's the way that one went. I woke up on Sunday morning and I felt like someone had taken a bat to me. But a few meds and a LOT of Vaseline, and I'm walking again. Looking for the next great adventure actually!

I really need to fix my picture program to show yall some of the high lights, soon.

Winner- Joe Ninke- 80 Miles +
Master Winner- A2- 64 Miles +
Chick Winner- M0- 62 Miles
Chick Master- Ann Burke- 55 Miles
Lil Ole Me- 57 Miles

Big Loser- Cancer! We raised more than 10 Grand to whop up on Cancer with Moffitt.

Pete and Marybeth, and June, and us, we Rock!


Star said...

Ryan, Mary Beth, Dan and I had a riot making fun of you goofballs running in circles. Why anyone would WANT to do that is beyond me. But I'm glad you had fun.

Wish I could have stayed out there all night with you. Guess I'll save my all-nighter for January :)

AndyMan said...

You guys helped make it more fun. Star you'd be happy to know that I actually got faster at the end when every one (well every one but Joe, he was a machine, he was impressive!) else slowed way down.

One dude even raced me towards the end, he beat me for the 100 meters we raced, but I kept going afterwards and I'm pretty sure he's in the hospital (one can only hope!)

Star said...

I was hoping your foot would hold out. I'm sure you were smart about it (wink wink). Glad it went well!

PS: did any of the pix I took turn out? I couldn't quite get your camera working right.

runsforbeer said...

Any chance you've recovered enough for a trip through the Keys this weekend? David is on board -- hope you can be there too. Let me know about WS.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure doing laps around a track at sea level will help you make it over Hope Pass this year. See, I'm good looking and sarcastic.

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

I still remember a track fund-raiser at Leto where we ran round the track. Seems like A-Man cooked some burgers in the middle of one of his laps. Yeah, we weren't real serious then.

AndyMan said...

Well, I did jump on the high jump matt and make a "sweat Angel" (yeah, there was very little snow on the night of May 8, so I had to settle for what God gave us!)

So that wasn't realy serious.

As a matter of fact the only serious part was the can of Whop @ss I opened up on that skinny old cat. He'll think twice before f'ing with me next time, and he'll come to a wiser conclusion, hurrumph!

Chase Squires said...

y'all are crazy ... wait, you already knew that!

Lynne said...

SuperD, were they turkey burgers ?

AndyMan said...

I remember that Leto 12 hour run. I had to run the mile the next day for football, I came in second, no lie. Ah, to be young again....

Lynne, the turkey hadn't been invented as a burger in 1900 and 78!

Lynne said...

Andy, I made my own turkey burgers in 1976. I remember because I started to eat healthy then.

I'm sure you could not buy them already formed, at that time.

Don't you make them from scratch ? : )