Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Man Davo!

Hey everyone in the world, let's really work on my man Davo to run the Croom Zoom on MLK weekend, 2010.

See, here's the gig; Davo is about as awesome a marathon runner as there is. He has only done 1 Ultra, the John Holmes 50K, October 2007. He did ok, but he was nursing an injury and his time wasn't what he'd have liked. Well, Davo just ran Boston, he qualifies every time he runs a marathon, and he was telling me about how poorly he ran. He was under trained. The weather wasn't good. It's a hard course. Well, Davo is 53, and he ran 3:33! I ran Boston once (it took me 16 tries to qualify, 16!) I was only 40, I ran well. I ran either 3:31 or 3:33 I really don't remember.

Again, what Davo was unhappy about more than his time was he said the run was hard. Er, yeah, Marathons are hard for most of us, that's why we love ultras. You can walk, you can eat, you can chat. Yes, it too is hard, but it's a dull ache and darn it all, it's just plain fun.

So, let's get this guy over to our side. He can run the 50Mile/100K, we may want to vote on which one we offer, or the 100 Mile, but we just need him there, he's a great dude.

Here's his e-mail so you can send him a "come on out" note:,

Looks like we're getting another one, maybe Andy2 will have some competition now!


Anonymous said...

3:33 huh? I think I averaged that when I ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.

But then I'm me, and you're .... Green with envy.

-Dean Karnazes

superdave524 said...

I tried to send Davo a note. We'll perhaps find out later if it went through.

AndyMan said...

Dean, I think you did average about that... Well, your head crossed at 3:33, your back foot about an hour later! Ha, he shoots, he scores!

SuperD, I'm big on the cut and paste for e-mail sending.

Star said...

Sure, I'll email him (but truthfully, I just want to see his MUSTANG)!