Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Will Attack. . . And You DON'T WANT THAT!

Who's that Gangsta Maintenance Man? That's the AndyMan getting ready for the big show as a Dancing Dad.

8 other round prancing pops and I cut the rug to, "I've got the Power" as we provided a little comic relief as our daughters showed their skills in Dancemakers 2010 Recital. And you can bet we were proud papas, but I was the proudest as the Ali-Girl walked away with the biggest prize of the season. She was awarded a full scholarship for next year at the studio! Because of her dedication, skill, and attitude, she gets to take as many dance classes as she can fit into her busy schedule for $0 tuition!!

Wow! Her mother and I are so blessed to have this wonderful child. We don't know where she got it, but were are so glad she did!!!


Star said...


And, where's the link? I gotta see this...

Mr. Matt said...

Star, the YouTube is coming, of that I'm sure. I'll post the video (much to my own detriment) as soon as I have the link.

Sure was fun, but I'll tell you, I'll never drink again, even Ali knew I was hammered!

Mr. Matt said...

I was trying to tell my good friend T-Money that really Ali won the grand prize because of my work as a dancing dad.
"No it was her." was her repley
My work a tree #1 in the studio's Wizard of Oz?
"No it was her."
My work as the big guy in the Christmas recital?
"No it was her."

Come on, I'm a Mathews boy, I need credit!

Anonymous said...

Ha!! You think THATS an accomplishment?!?! My kid just got done rewriting the Bible so that people will like the ending better. Next week she is going to bend metal with just her mind.

-Dean "Dad of the Year" Karnazes

superdave524 said...

Yeah, it's a sad dog that won't wag its own tail!

Congrats to the Ali-girl (and to her dancing dad).

Mr. Matt said...

I do like the Sad Dog anology. Course I would, I like credit!

Dean, your daughter sounds really amazing! Is the one that wrote, "Where God went Wrong," or was her's "Who is this God fella anyway?" At any rate, I'm sure she is a special kid.

Anonymous said...

She is special...and not the kind of special that requires extra funding and IEPs.


superdave524 said...

You gotta know I don't mind pinching a cool turn of the phrase from my bro-heim!