Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pick My Poison!

I'm trying to decide on my next 100 mile race.

The choices are down to two:

August 28-29 Lean Horse in South Dakota (home of Wall Drug)
November 6-7 Pinhoti EBF Alabama (home of the Talledega Speedway)

Pros and Cons to each.

Pro Lean Horse:
Easier Course
Chase is going
Started by Jim Sullivan
Get to see Wall Drug and Mt. Rushmore
Con Lean Horse:
10 weeks to get in shape and REALLY lose 15 pounds
Chase is going
Course doesn't look too pretty
Weekend after Ali's 16th Birthday, she says she's not doing anything, but I don't know

Pro Pinhoti:
18 weeks to Really get in shape and lose those 15 pounds
Pretty Course
Short travel distance

Con Pinhoti:
It's in EBF Alabama
Harder Course


Star said...

I been looking at Pinhoti too...

Mr. Matt said...

We can get in REAL good shape by Novemeber!

adam said...

Pro Lean Horse:
1. Adam is going.
2. Lndsay is going.
3. You get to stay in a hotel room with Adam, Lindsay, and Chase.

Con Lean Horse:
1. Dean won't be there doing a book signing.
2. I already called dibs on bed with Lindsay, so that leaves you spooning with Chase.

Mr. Matt said...

There is a late entrant in the sweepstakes, Arkansas 10/3. Yea, I've done this cool not rocky race twice, but it's Andy B's bachelor tba