Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meanwhile behind the Cheddar Curtain

So, about 15 of us are invading Wisconsin, dropping behind the Cheddar curtain if you will.

It will be what it will be. I figure my biggest job isn't running 100 miles, rather it is convincing Star that 76 and thunderstorms is pleasant weather for a run (oh, but it is! No hypothermia in the day and no desire to sleep at night! Now that's pleasant, woulda chopped 4 hours off of my Vermont time without those pesky naps!)

I haven't even started packing yet, but I will in about 12 minutes. Let's see.... poncho (got to bring that, don't want Poncho lefty!) hydration system. two pairs of shoes, two pairs of socks, two headlamps, two handhelds, shucks, I can get everything else at the Big K! K?

Be well, and I'll get back with you on Tuesday next!


Star said...

FOX News is on the right (technically making them WRONG) about a lot of things.

But they're really RIGHT in their WI weather forecast for this weekend:

What do ya say we go run a hundred miles?

See you tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't those cheese curds on that picture? I haven't had any of those since way back when I played for the Milwaukee Braves!

-Henry Aaron

Ed said...

ANdy, it was great meeting you - Good work!