Sunday, June 20, 2010

Western States Sendoff

Three Florida Ultrarunners are heading to Western States this week, June, Woody and Steve. Woody is the lone WS veteran in the group, having completed the race in 2001. June has been to WS training camp twice, so she knows what she is getting in to, while Steve Wheeler, is not merely a virgin to the Sierra Nevadas, but a 100 mile rookie as well.
That being said, they all have excellent chances to do what I could not do last year, and that is finish within the 30 Hour time limit.

Some of the FU runners, at Becky's suggestion, decided to send the three off with a little BBQ.

Dan the Man, with wife Hazel and Fido. Dan Finished WS in 2001.Woody, Steve and June.June sporting the fresh Ali-Made Don't Quit Bracelet (my bracelet has served me well since I received it on Father's Day 5 years ago today :)
Allen, with world class marathon pacer Davo. Allen he finished in 27 hours last year and is on this years WS program,The speedy Jon Docs, finished with the run and showered before most of us hit the 1/2 way point! 2005 finisher, 21:30, he's fast! It's been said that Jon can hit the light switch and be in bed before it's dark in the room. Jon once did a 24 hour race in 18 hours he so fast!
Steve picking up some useful tips from Ultra running legend, Jim Sullivan, multiple time WS finisher, and the first man to run an Ultra in all 50 states.

Quite the crew, I must say.


Anonymous said...

That bottom picture, I don't know if that is Steve, but that's a Jim Sullivan standing next to him!

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

Dean, you know Jim Sullivan? Well, I know him better!

-Pam Reed

Star said...

I am totally jealous! They are in for such an adventure, and I think they are all going to finish!

Will you be there to see it all go down?

Mr. Matt said...

Star, calmer heads pervailed and I'm staying in Tampa Town to catch the show on the webcast. Also, I promised to take Ali to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Thursday.

Anyway, I went ahead and sent in my ap for next year. I hope I score, oh boy, I hope I score!

Star said...

Not sure who would talk you OUT of pacing at WS...

When is the drawing for next year?

superdave524 said...

Got to love an Animal House reference.