Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All Signs Point to Yes!

Here's another sign that I'm back on track.
First when we had our meeting of the Tuesday Dark Runners Club (oh, we're happy as long as we know there is someone else more sad than us out there!) after our 5 mile run, I drug one of the hotties of the opposite sex in the club out for another .7 or so miles. That's always a good sign, when you run a tad more when everyone else is headed in to the bar.

Second sign. I am on a job this summer, no I'm not dry-walling the new McDonald's, I'm watching my buddy Morejon's dogs, and there were three of them. Any way Morejon lives 3.4 miles from my house, if you go the short way. Well I didn't go the short way, and I didn't drive, nor did I take a two-wheeler, I ran, both ways.

That's a great sign, when you start doing errands on foot that you'd normally do in a car, it could mean you go sub whatever in your next race! That's what I'm hoping fer!
It doesn't take an Einstein to read some of these signs.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a Redneck comedy show tag line, "Here's your sign!"

Yeah, it's that Bill Igfeld guy. Well, Here's your sign, "Your quads are not sculpted like mine!" Has a ring to it doesn't it?

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

"I drugged one of the lovely females of the opposite sex in the club"

That's not such a good sign, kid.

PS: Are there females of your same sex?

Mr. Matt said...

Look at the bright side Star, at least it didn't say, "I drugged one of the ..."

Anonymous said...

I like to run to do my errands too, like that time I was in Squaw Valley and I needed to get to Auburn to pick up a belt buckle that I needed...yup, I jogged that one.

-Dean Karnazes

Mr. Matt said...

Dean last time we started in Squaw together, you only went to Devil's Thumb. What do they hand out there?