Monday, July 12, 2010

A, R you Kidding Me, I gotta P!

Ok, I earned another letter today. How, well, it was for a body of work. Nothing special on any one day but my weekend running went:
Friday- Croom 12 miles
Saturday- Trout Creek 13 miles
Sunday- Croom 15 miles
Monday- Trout Creek 13 miles.

Let's see that's 25 + 28 = 53 miles in 4 days, and that earns a letter.

Here's the rub, I don't think I'm going to do Arkansas. See, my good bud Andy B has slated that for his bachelor party (yeah, I know, running 100 miles in Arkansas isn't everybody's idea of a wild last hurrah, but Andy B is not most people, he's an extraordinary dude) and as a gift to him I've offered to go up and crew for him and pace him. And here's the shock, he wants me to do it. See, it's shocking because I've paced him before. Ok, so he did run a PR on that day (what he hasn't figured out is there is no way I'm going to let him beat my Arkansas time and I'll take him on a wrong turn if he's threatening that 20:47 mark!)

This leave me free to run the Pinhoti 100 in Novemeber. I guess I can spell out Pinhoti Trail 100, yeah that would work. So, I guess today I gotta P. Ok, I'm going to go do that and I'll get back to you!

P- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Star said...

Uhh, you failed to mention to me that you also ran on Friday. And here I thought I was a math whiz, coming up with 41 miles this morning.

Nice one, A! U earned UR R or P...or whatever letter U choose!

superdave524 said...

AndyMan's been a letterman for years (Andy Letterman?).

AndyB said...

20:46 it is then.

Anonymous said...

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