Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Put the "A" in Arkansas

The kid (me) is back on track!

What else would you do if you woke up at midnight and couldn't get back to sleep?

First, you'd read for a while, and then you'd turn off the light. Next you'd toss and turn for a while, then you'd read for a while. Then you'd turn off the light. Next you'd toss and turn for a while. Then you'd turn off the light. Then you'd look at the clock and then you'd read for a while. Then you'd look at the clock. Then you'd get up and make coffee, get dressed, fill your water bottles and head out the door for a 16 mile run, at 3:15 am, in the morning, by yourself, in the morning, alone, at 3:15 for 16 miles.

Why? Because ..... you are freaking insane!

And because your dufus buddy Andy B is challenging you to run the Arkansas Traveller 100 and this is the stupid kind of crap you used to do when you ran the race a few years ago and ran really well and almost won the race and were thin and adored by women and almost got elected president of the United States of America, America!

Well, the thing about being thin might be an exaggeration.....

But another thing I did in Arkansas' past is award myself a letter towards the spelling of the race name for workouts that went above and beyond the normal. Well 16 solo road miles at 3:15 AM in the morning qualifies as beyond the normal so my training for the 10-2 race officially begun today. I award my self the letter A. Yep, I filled the A-Hole, now just an RKansas to go and BAM! I'll be making out like a tall dog once again. Wooo-who!

A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 100


Star said...

Did you actually sign up??? I'm working on getting Armando's OK this weekend...wish me luck :)

superdave524 said...

Filled the A-hole? Oh, that's rich!

Mr. Matt said...

I aint signed up yet, but it's my understanding that it's a go!

What's the plan this weekend, I gotta get another letter!

Anonymous said...

Here's a letter for you 32. The number of miles you'll have to run when I finish Arkansas! Best of luck... slug!

-Dean Karnazes