Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flirting with My IPod

People like music.
People like to share music.
People (Matt Mahoney Aside) like to listen to music while they run.
I'm a person. I like music. I'm running 100 miles on Saturday. Thank you for sharing your music! 259 songs, 17.4 hours worth. Wow. I think 14 songs were in my original playlists. The Church? Die Antwood? Buck Cherry? Mumford and Sons? Well, I guess I'll have to broaden my horizons (Er, don't say it Star, you can think it, but don't say it! Oh go ahead!)

Thanks, whomever it was, for re-intoducing me to Molley Hatchet. I hope I don't get running too fast, that truly would be Flirting with Disaster!


Star said...

Which Barry Manilow song did you have to delete to make room for Molly Hatchet?

Mr. Matt said...

The McDonalds theme is now 86'd. You know, I never eat there anyway....

Dave said...

That was me Andy. Molly Hatchett is GREAT running music. I'll be listening to some of that on my first Ultra at Croom in a few weeks. Great to read your story.