Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Rocky Roads

Rocky Roads..... it's not just an ice-cream.
It's the brain child of my good bud Rob Cowan. It's a 100 mile race in the foothills of the Saddleback Mountains northeast of San Diego. The Foothills of mountains are much better for a Florida cat than are the Mountains themselves; however, foothills does mean everything is either up or down, not a bit of flat. So be it!
How will I do? I'll do fine. Not great like I'd hoped, but I'll give 24 hours a run for it's money. One cool thing is that the race is the same day as Tampa's Gasparilla Races so I won't be doing Gasparilla one of receptionists at work is and she got up a gang to try to run a total equalling more miles than my little race. She signed up 20 people from work to run the 5K, not bad. Sadly, not enough to beat me! 20 x 3.1 = 62. Not going to do it! Turns out it takes 33 people running the 5K to stomp me (102.3), so good and great Maggie signed up another 5 to run the 15 K. So 46.5 from the 15K and 62 from the 5K, I'm toast.

But, I cry foul! Maggie's team is using friends and family versus just me. Well, if it gets more people out of the house I guess I'll take the lose with a smile..... darn it!

..... of course I could do an extra loop, hmmm...........


Anonymous said...

Oh did you lose your challenge? Get ready to lose again puss boy!

I'm running down from San Fran, running Rob's little Race, then running back home!

Total= Dean's a machine and Andy's a wuss-neck, pipe-armed, pencil-neck, GEEK!

He shoots, he scores!

-Dean Karnazes and the Professor

Star said...

That ice cream sure looks yummy...

Mr. Matt said...

Total = Dean's mean and Star likes Ice Cream!

He shoots, he scores (kind of :)