Friday, February 18, 2011

Rocky Weather?

The Weather for the Rocky Roads 100 looks primo!

Friday, Feb 25 - Sunday, Feb 27 Coto De Caza, CA
High 65/ Low 41
Mostly Sunny
Chance of Rain < 10%

I reckon that's why people will put up with earthquakes, mudslides, republicans, democrats, immigrants, migrants, libertarians, egalitarians, ultra-runners, whale-riders, soybean farmers, goat herders, movie stars, lumber jacks, one-eyed jacks, car jacks, Hummers, lack of Mummers, Guitar Strummers, Bear State Republic living, Stanford Cardinal loving, Al Davis cow-towing, Gold-rushing, prop 8 passing, Bullmalarkey. Yeah, cause the weather's nice. Oh, and because Rob and Michelle live there, and I like them. Oh, the mountains are nice too, and the sea lions, I mean who doesn't like the sea lions, maybe your occasional seal... but anyway, look all I have to worry about is just run, baby run!


Star said...

In the words of Sheryl Crow: Run Baby Run.

Anonymous said...

The rest I can take, but Democrats? Well, me and Pete Wilson will take them all down! Thought we could count on the Governator, but he turned out to be PW'd by a Kenedy!

Sean Rush Beck

Anonymous said...

What is this PW'd? What does it mean?

-Dirk Jansesns

Mr. Matt said...

Star, don't you worry, I'll be running. Your job is to run your 100 faster than mine one week later, you can do it!

SRB, don't worry about Arnold, I hear he won't be back next term.

Dirk, PW'd means Pretty Whipped by a Pretty Woman, ike in Arnold's care, Maria.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dirk good to see you bud! I'd love to stay and chat, but now I must, "pave the ceiling!"

Owww, he shoots, he scores! (ask AndyMan, he'll give you the skinny on that one!)