Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jerry's Got MY Money!

Great, I went ahead and did it. I gave Jerry Dunn and the folks at the Black Hills 100 my money. You know what that means..... No more junk food, no more sleeping in. Oh, I'll be running the Black Hills 100 on June 25th, 2011. It'll be number 17, and as many of you "kind" souls have pointed out, can't stop on an odd number, have to do 18 to make it legal. Yeah, yeah, that one is planned too.
It's all about the Buckle! Black Hills 100 Baby!!

This training is going to be full of vortex-laden fun. My main man Greg V has already put down some hard earned $'s, he's in for Black Hills, he'll vortex it with me. Andy B is always up for some VA (vortex action!). If we can convince Star that she, unlike Dr. Frank (and only because I've seen him do it), can't run a marathon in her sleep, we may get her to Vortex as she gets ready to take on Iron Woman Canada.

I don't see myself really getting into the mountains before June, which is a shame, because as this elevation chart shows, the race is no gimme. We've got enough elevation and steep enough grades to make it a real struggle.

What the heck, I'm going for it. Goals, I don't have any time goals, I want to finish, and finish well. 24 is a dream goal, I haven't done a mountain course in a while. I can do it, but man, I'll have to get really fit. Regardless, it'll be a hoot man. I'm flying into Denver about a week early to see my buddy Chase and his awesome wife, Saralee. Chase will get my altitude and attitude right, he's good at that.

Watch it on You Tube, it's gonna Rock... and Roll


Anonymous said...

can we see more pictures of the doughnuts?

-Homer Simpson

Mr. Matt said...

Homer you old Duffer, NO MORE DOUGHNUTS! I gotta get ready for a 100 in the mountains man!

I'll post some pictures of salad and granola, my two new friends!!

Star said...

VA fun with you and the boys? I'm IN! How about an over-nighter this summer?

Mr. Matt said...

Maybe we could run too!

superdave524 said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

You sonofasonofasonofa gun, why'd you do it? You made us sign up! What are we gonna do in Studgis freakin' SD?

Chase and Greg
ps, we watched the video, it's cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool video! Can I get popcorn or healthy chips next time?

-Dean Karnazes