Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can't Shake Them Blues

Here, I should be running right now as I write this. Instead, I have my foot in the Strasburg Sock, covered with a night splint. Today is bad, next Saturday will be worse. Thankfully, next Saturday it will all be over. No more Slam, I'll have served my time.

I don't know how to look at it. I guess I'll only get to look back on it. What a tremendous waste of money.

Fuck it


Chase Squires said...

As the Rooster would say, "Can't kill the Rooster, mutherfuckers. You can fuck him up, but you can't kill him ... what you need, is some ..." ahem. That's enough, Rooster.

AndyMan said...

Can't kill the Rooster, Bitch.

Yeah, can't kill him, no, think I'll go home and try to fix my internet so I can read your blog, lot's of time on Saturday's now.

Roger said...

A strasburg sock...I could not be more jealous right now.