Friday, September 19, 2008

Song of the Weak, "He Kept Coming at me.."

"He Kept Coming At Me with Nothing!"

This week's Song of the Weak is really more of a movie clip (er, that's exactly what it is), but Paul Newman really portrays how I feel, but I'm no smarter than Luke is in the clip, I should stay down, but I can't, won't, aint!
Later in the movie Paul Newman and George Kennedy are playing cards and Paul/Luke wins a hand he is bluffing, George say's "Just like today, when he kept coming back at me, with NOTHING!"
Luke, say, "Sometime Nothing, can be a real Cool Hand." Hence the name, Cool Hand Luke.

I don't know, today, was my first day back running since I aggreviated my injury, and let me tell, you I had NOTHING! But, I'm going to keep coming back. I have no idea, but I hope Nothing is a real Cool Hand!


The Professor said...

Does this mean you'll be eating 50 hard-boiled eggs to get ready for Arkansas?

AndyMan said...

Er, I won't be eating them aigs, maybe 50 M & M's!

Prof, you tuly are a renaissance man! How does a guy barely out of his 20's know about Cool Hand Luke? Wait, don't tell me, your parents... it's always comes back to your parents.

Anonymous said...

Better not come at me with nothing, or I'll wrap my bicept around your puny little scrawny little weenie!

-Dean Karnazes

Chase Squires said...

Keep shakin' that tree, Dragline.

superdave524 said...

Great movie, and very descriptive of AndyMan. Sometimes he's got sumpin', sometimes he ain't, but he dunt ever quit.

The Professor said...

Nah...I just fancy myself an archieolgist who likes to study the entertainment habits of generations past.

Star said...

Good. I don't want to be around anyone who eats 50 eggs!