Monday, September 22, 2008

Jail Break!

AP- Tampa, FL

With only 13 days left on his sentence, Andrew E. Mathews, aka AndyMan, broke out of the Slam.

"I'm stunned!" said the Professor, "I really thought he was dumb enough to serve out his sentence even with absolutely no chance at rehabilitation!"

"Well, I kind of knew this was coming. He's gotten a LOT smarter over the last few months." said the Good Doctor.

"What a fag! Not that there is anything wrong with that!" GatorFan

"Aw, did his little foot hurt too much? I'd just run on my bicepts if my foot hurt too much! You know if you wear a shirt too often it will hurt you!" Dean Karnazes

"Hey, why do the time if you can't do the Crime!" echoed Roger in a reverse Beretta.

"This is the second time the SOB's left me hanging." said a horrified RunsforBeer.

"Now, he's heavy!" said SuperDave. "Yeah, I've got a plane ticket to Arkansas, whoo who, and I don't even like pork rinds!"

"Do I get to be A1 now?" Asked a smiling Andy Barrett

"I feel bad for him. He really tried. I'm glad he got out early though." Said a sympathethic Star.

"Well, I guess there is a happy race director and 50 happy volunteers in Arkansas right now!" spouted off an all-knowing Chase

AndyMan himself couldn't be reached for comment, he is in hiding after all. But He did leave this note behind:

Dear Yall,

TheSlam was really hard. I didn't think I'd lay such a rotten egg. I knew failure was a 70% possibility, but honest to God, I didn't think I'd fail. You all know I tried. I poured blood, sweat and money into this thing, but it wasn't meant to be.

Regardless, it was an awesome experience. You guys, you guys, (even Dean) were fantastic. You were there with me, and I learned, and I accepted, and you guys matter, this Slam thing, it just doesn't matter. I do believe it's trying (and I mean really trying, not just signing up) that matters not success.

You haven't heard the last of me or the Slam, I'll be back! As soon as I can spend a few weeks in Colorado before Leadville I'll try again. For now, I just want to get physically and mentally healthy, both have been suffering."

Love and Kisses,
(ps, Andy B, you always were A1!)


AndyMan said...
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superdave524 said...

This wasn't the year, my brother. Even Mother Nature didn't want you to do it this year. Western States cancelled? C'mon, what's up with that? It didn't portend well, but you soldiered on. Beat Vermont. Got (temporarily) beat in Leadville. But you'll do this (dammit!). Beat Leadville first, then do the Slam. How do you beat Leadville? How the Hell should I know?

(and, uh, Ange, you got to change to anonymous mode when you comment as Dean).

Anonymous said...

A1 remains the designation for anyone crazy enough to attempt the Grand Slam on a foot that was hurting even before Western States. I am content to remain A2.

P.S. - With Adam & A1 out, do I know anyone else going to Arkansas?

Anonymous said...

"Hey, I never said that! I said, it hurts everyone when 'I' wear a shirt too much! It's a good idea when you wear a shirt. Throw on a jacket too will you?"

-Dean Karnazes

AndyMan said...

Andy B, Woody is still going to Arkansas. And say hey to Stan and Chrissy for me, I love those guys.

Anonymous said...

Well now that you're through with runnin' for a while, all we can talk about is sports, drinkin' and sex. AMan, why don't you tell these good folks about a quaint little dive in Tampa called the "Thirsty Turtle". SuperDave can chip in too. We could probably work some of all three into the conversation if you count pool as a sport.


AndyMan said...

Aiye, yie, yi! The Turtle, man the best Turtle story I have includes Alan Bannister, and he's married with Children now, and I don't want to get him in trouble (wait, yes I do, he'd do it to me!) Soon, soon.

Chase Squires said...

Man, who knew the Slam was this hard? I figured you'd waltz right through it ... next time!

superdave524 said...

Here's to "Next time"!

Star said...

1. You are an inspiration
2. You WILL complete the SLAM one day
3. I know a good therapist who can help with the "mentally healthy" part

Keep your chin up Andy...YOU are a STAR! XOXO

Roger said...

no worries Aman, you'll take down the slam some other year. Maybe after you move to altitude?

Can you ride on that bum foot???

AndyMan said...

Ride? Can I ride? Ahmo be a riding foo' for the next few months! I'm going to ride at least twice maybe thrice a week! by Nov. 1 I will be able to keep up with Andrea (in the flats) by Dec. 1 I will be able to keep up with Andrea in San An (if she lets me!)

Star said...

I'm giving you a free weekend since I'll be enjoying R&R in God's Country. So get out there and get those legs grinding! We'll see what's what when I get back in town ;)

Roger said...

Star, God don't live in South Bend (he just owns a house there)...

The famously connected Mr. Chase probably lives closer to God's permanent residence. He is, after all, aclimated to altitude.

AMan, break out the MTB and I'll come out of retirement and met you at Croom for a few miles.

AndyMan said...

Hey Roger,
I'll get my pedals fixed and the MT Bike is ready to roll, this weekend!

The Professor said...

Uh, yeah...can I get something else besides "hugs and kisses"...ya know, for manly appearances.

my friend Amy said...

Gimme an "S", oh you already have that one. Gimme an "N" (next). Gimme a "Y" (year). Gimme an "E" (eventually). What do you got?
In the grand SNYE. Just think, you're way better off than the NYSE.

Thanks for the ride AMan.

AndyMan said...

Ride Sally Ride!

Failure is just success without... er, wait, it's nothing like success, but er, er, what I mean is _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ _!

Star said...

Hey Prof, did I hear that you bailed on Arkansas too???

The Professor said...

Yeah Star...I'm out.

The good news is that I'll be running the Vermont 50 this weekend!!!

Mid 40's at the start...I can't wait!!!