Thursday, June 11, 2009

All Packed and Ready to Go!

Ok, just purchasing my last few things for Western States:

From CampMor- 5 handheld flashlights @ 50% off (I wanted whole ones, but they were more:)

1 swanky pair of Angel sunglasses.
From Hotwire (and these are actually rentals): 2 hotel rooms at the fabulous Tahoe Inn in King's Beach, CA. 2 Hotel Rooms at the World Famous, Grand Sierra (no relation to Frank) Casino Hotel in Reno, NV. One Mid-size Avis Car (complete with extra insurance, I learned this from Chase!)

From Western States Store, one safari hat, one WS Travel Mug, One T-Shirt for my BLF, but don't her, it's a SUR-PRIZE!

From Julie's fabulous, though soon to be retired, MyEndurance- 1 Nathan Hydration Pack, like Andrea's, two body 1.3 oz Body Glide, and one HP 2700 LapTop.

Not that I don't appreciate this 1960's Dell computer that my good friend Natalie gave me, but TECO will only let me use it between 9 am - 10:41 AM and then again from 1:17 AM - 3:11 AM, due to power usage guidelines. I'm not saying it's a big power sucker without a soundcard, but .. oh, wait, that's exactly what I'm saying (of course one look at my I-Tunes and Star will tell you that not having a sound card is a good thing for my computer!)

Garsh, I am so looking forward to having wireless Internet and I-Tunes and Movies on the computer again.... Hey, maybe I'll even update the Blog more than twice a month..... And, and, my neighbor will be able to use her toaster, even when my computer is on, so that's a good thing right!


Star said...

...the cost of crossing the finish line at Western States? Priceless.

I didn't know Jewels was selling laptops. Hope she gave you a fair price.

And we still have time for me to put some REAL music on your iPod...

Chase Squires said...

The 21st Century just called, they said "welcome."

AndyMan said...

Hey Star, if the Lap Top works and it doesn't take down the grid, it's a fair price. I checked them out at Best Buy and I'm happy (so far)

Hey, I'm embracing the 21st Century, I have a digital watch!

Chase Squires said...

BTW, I hear the Tahoe Inn is right nice! It got a 1 star rating, that's like being number one, right?

AndyMan said...

Chaser, Man what has happened to all the places from last year's failed WS100? Are you behind this? Is it a revenge thing?

The race gets cancelled, we stay at Fitzgeralds in Reno. Chase and I even join Club Fitz, now the place is closed, as in closed down for good! We also stay in the wonderful Tahoe Inn in Kings, Beach, a nice value for a 2-Star joint. Now, it's down to one-star! What could have gone wrong, do they no longer have showers? Did they run out of coffee cups for that sludge in the Front Office?

The revenge of Chase, it's swift, it's effective!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of stars...did you read Zagat's review of my calves? Let's just say "the known universe called, and they want their stars back."

-Dean Karnazes