Saturday, June 27, 2009

And We're Off (our Rockers!)

It's almost 5 AM PCT here in Olympic Village... Oh, yeah Scott (wow, that was 7-Time Champ Scott Jurek). Yeah, you seen Mookie? Oh, up there with Bonehead, I'll check it out, thank's champ.

Hey Mookie (that's Jen Shelton, world record holder in the 100-mile, in under 15-Hours), what I was wondering was, oh, hey Bonehead, how they hanging, no, jeez, don't show me, ok, alright, impressive, no what I was wondering was, you guys seen Karno? Oh, yeah, up there, signing autographs, ok, thanks.

Hey Karno, who's it han...., I mean how's it going? ah, huh, I just wanted to, ah, huh, ah huh, ah huh, yeah, listen I just wanted to, ah huh, ah huh, no, no autograph, no, no, listen, I just wanted to know.. ah, huh.... ah huh, ... No really WhereAreMichelleandRobThey'refriendsAndAll, ok, up by the start, thanks, Karno, and thanks for all your help with the blog.

Hey Nails, hey Mischa, looks like we're as close to first as we're gonna be all day huh? What? Am I Andy Mathews? No but I used to be!

Good luck to us and BANG there the gun.

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