Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Visual Eyes A Shun

You've got to visualize. You've got to use visualization.

I should use visualization to spell visualization. I'm not kidding, spelling and me aren't very good company. When I was in 8th grade, no I didn't say 3rd grade, when I was in ate-th grade I got gnocked out of the spelling bee on the word..... Baker, ouch! I spelled it B-a-c-k-e-r. God love her, Mrs. Woodward tried to play it off like anyone could miss such an intricate word, but I knew right there that that was to be my last spelling bee.

Back to Visualization: As I stood on the starting line of the 2005 version of the Western States 100, an enormous calm flooded over me. I just knew that I was going to finish the race, I knew that I was going to do well, I even knew I'd run the race in less than 24 hours. The visualization was so strong it felt like I had already completed the race. Really, it felt like on another time-plain, I had already done the race.

Andrea keeps saying that I need to visualize success, and I agree that it is a powerful tool, and that it works. In Golf, when I visualize a putt going in, I always make it. In basketball, I suck at basketball, and this isn't magic..... I certainly used it on my last Western States, but I can't get a feel yet on how this one will go. I feel good enough to give it a go when I get out there on the starting line, but I can't tell you, yet how I'll finish, oh, I can see the finish line, but I can't yet see the buckle, And we all know, I WANT THE BUCKLE. OH, I WANT THE BUCKLE!!!


superdave524 said...

You're gonna be there a spell, might as well kick ass (since you're out of bubble gum, and all). Speaking of spelling, your nephew got knocked out (8th grade, no less) on Alamo. Spelled it A-L-I-M-O-E. Couldn't remember the correct spelling, evidently.

Star said...

I told everyone I was going to finish the Miami Man half-iron triathlon under six hours last November, remember?

At the end of each training run, I visualized crossing the finish line in 5:55. I could see the numbers in my head as I ran those last few minutes.

Guess what time I actually finished the race? 5:55. It was so bizarre and surreal, but I had told myself (my subconscience, if you want to get technical) that I would finish in 5:55...and I did.

I'm just saying that the mind is a VERY powerful tool. Use it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, big head you use that mind, I'll use the world's most powerfool tool, my quads!

-Dean Karnazes

Anonymous said...

I have herpes.

-Catra Corbett