Friday, June 12, 2009

Croom Zoom, Croom Zapped!

Good God Almighty I'm getting tired of hearing about budget cuts! Budget Cuts, Smudget Cuts, it's all we here about.

Hey man you wanna go down to the drugstore and hang out this summer?
I can't.
Why not?
Budget Cuts.

Ok, that's maybe a bad example, but here are a few that are worse examples, because they are all true.

Me worky for less the upcoming school year than the last. Why? Budget cuts. Ouch, really less? Yeah really. hey, can I work less hard? Better not, they do con you into "Just being happy you have a job."

A good buddy ultra runner: Just bumped down 6 pay grades and had to bump another dude out of a job. "Hey, we love you, you're a great employee, go back to six years ago, no matter how close you are to retirement!" That blows!

Flatwoods/Morris Bridge/Wilderness Park- As of 10/1 they will only be open 5 days a week. Gee, they are pretty crowded now............ Er, yeah, try to keep us out, no really try. I'm betting we're looking at Monday/Tuesday closure but they haven't said yet.

Croom: Cut staff and are allowing NO OVERNIGHT EVENTS. Good thing that doesn't include the Croom Zoom right? right? hey, but, we were approved before the cuts, so... So, nothing, we got the ax! No Croom Zoom in 2010, maybe next year.

My hats off to the great State of Florida. We've been moving them in, 1000 a day, since I was 12. That 1000 a day for 35 years and we couldn't save on damn dime? Makes me feel like a financial success! Hell, I've done better than the city, the state and the country and I don't have a single financial egg-head working for me!

Hey, AndyMan, want to go play kickball in the field? No man I can't, budget cuts.

Budget cuts my slash!


superdave524 said...

Good stuff (and sorry about the cuts. Better get some neosporin).

AndyMan said...

I used to sell neosporin. Now that was an easy job.

I do have it easy, but you know what steams my bean? Gas prices up. Electric prices, oh, they's going up. Wages down. How does that work?

We need a good pandemic to wipe out about 1/2 the population (my friends and family aside) and we can start this puppy over.

Anonymous said...

The only thing cut around here are my abs (which explains why my state is in a constant state of bankruptcy).

-Dean Karnazes

Star said...

Flatwoods, really? Hopefully they're not closed for My Monday Run. (Won't matter either way...I'm small enough to squeeze between the gate arms).

Arlene said...

You GOT a job! Be thankful!

AndyMan said...

Isn't that the truth? We are told be thankful, you have a job! And you are right, I am thankful, but it's wrong. We have been hookwinked, people got fat and didn't put back in to the system. It never occurred to anyone that we can SPEND $2 Billion a week on foreign wars and not keep our domestic economy up. Of course we can't! Not unless we pilage. Our options are pilage or quit spending billions on foreign wars. That's it.

Oh, shoot, I forgot to rail on sending our jobs to India and China, that doesn't help either.

Arlene said...

You're right A-man...I could never understand why we are spending so much money fighting the foreign wars and not keep up our own economy. And try to get a computer problem fixed or a credit card mistake fixed when the person on the other end doesn't speaky Inggie!

I'm not going to turn this into a political forum. I'm just glad to have a job and can still run. And that I remembered my login and password so that I can write again! I've never believed in silence is golden...

Have fun at WS! And get a really big piece of gauze for the "cuts". Do you have any of the tape left from what you put around the foot?